The Prank Wars (a weasley twins love story)

Name:Leah Thomson
Age:1 year younger than the twins
Hair color:Blue and straight
Skin Color:Pale
Eye color:Gray
Nail color:changes with her moods
Nicknames:Leah Lee, Tommie, Lee
Blood status:Half Blood

Chapter 3


by: MelMalfoy
A few weeks into the vacation Fred George and Ron said that they were going to go get Harry "oh can i go?" i asked them "sure" fred said and ron scowled so one day fred woke me up i had slept in his bed again so it wasnt hard to find me. "Come on were going to get harry here i already got you some clothes" he said and handed me a mini skirt and a tank top i didnt think i would be wearing those two again surprisingly though they matched. We all got into a old blue car that flew, we were in the car for a while when we got to little whinging then to privet drive then to number 4. They sort of had to wake harry up but he hurried up to get his trunk and his owl the boys attached a hook to his barred window then revved the engine and the bars tore off. They turned the car so that harry put the trunk in the trunk and then i reached to get hedwig just then his uncle came storming into the room i pulled harry in and his uncle had him by the ankle so i punched him in the face. "Harry Potter right?" i asked him he nodded "Happy Birthday" i said giving him a toothy smile he returned it sheepishly. When we got back Mrs.Weasley was super mad but not at harry. The rest of the day we were catching gnomes yes we even me i refused to help mrs.weasley cook dinner saying that it was completely $exist that i a girl had to help but not ron a boy. I came back inside with my knees and hands all scratched up. We went to diagon alley a few days later and lockhart was there me fred and george snuck off to the pet store fred and george pitched in and bought me a kitten which i named 'Nymph'. "Thanks guys really thanks" i said holding my kitten close she was black with green eyes and white paws and had a red collar "your welcome happy birthday" they said at the same time.
Soon it was time to go back to school i packed my things and grabbed my bag i put Nymph in and then put tha bag around my shoulder then i put my trunk into the car i had to sit on fred's lap in the car ride.
When we got to the station we all got out then i took nymph out of my bag and then we walked inside i saw lee and walked over to him "hey" i said he looked sour again though "can i talk to you for a moment?" he asked i nodded and he took my arm and led me a few feet away. "What the heck happened at the burrow?" he asked me "what are you talking about" i asked him "you know bloody well what" he replied angrily "what do you think happened? that i kissed fred or george?" i said "yes thats very much so what i think happened". "Why the heck would you htink that!?" i screeched he looked down and said" its just that youve well grown up this summer" he mumbled gesturing to my boobs i looked down i was wearing a v-neck shirt so it did shoe off my now c cup breasts. "You bloody git! The twins are like brothers to me and ive been with you for like a year already!" i said and stormed off "wait leah" he said grabbing my shoulder but i shook it off "idiot!" i yelled back "oh and if it wasnt clear im breaking up with you" i said turning around. I got back to the twins and told them what happened they seemed sympathic "im okay dudes i didnt even like him" i admitted "oh hey look what came in the mail" i said opening my bag "its a permission slip i can go to hogsmeade now" they smiled broadly. We got a compartment to ourselves and then lee came to join us "oh fred we better stand apart or else someojne might freak out" i said and we moved away from each other then we started to laugh. I layed down on the seat with my legs ending up on fred lee and george sat on the other lee looked annoyed but i didnt care it was actually funny.
When we got to school we all got a carriage together. After dinner i walked with fred around the castle "so uh wanna hang out this saturday?" he asked me when we were at the owlery "sure" i said "but uhm just me and you?" he said my ears piped up "sure" i said maybe too excitedly. He walked me all the way to my dorm room then, when i entered my dorm room i jumped on jaiden's bed "guess what? fred asked me out well sorta" i squeleed "no way thats so awesome!" she shrieked back "what do you mean kinda?" she asked on gaurd and i told her what he said. "Oh yeah that asking you out" she said "so whatr you gonna wear and your hair and your makeup!" she said i spent most of the night hearing her go on and on about what looks good with me and all that girly stuff.

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