The Prank Wars (a weasley twins love story)

Name:Leah Thomson
Age:1 year younger than the twins
Hair color:Blue and straight
Skin Color:Pale
Eye color:Gray
Nail color:changes with her moods
Nicknames:Leah Lee, Tommie, Lee
Blood status:Half Blood

Chapter 26


by: MelMalfoy
Me and George had to wait to get married he didnt wanna get married while he was still grieving so deeply over his brother so we also didnt see each oother for a long time. But when we did get married it was beautiful we had red roses and blue flowers everywhere and many people came. Fawn, Fleur, Ginny, and Hermione were my Bridesmaids i knew it was a bit much but still their dresses were...


And my Dress was
Wedding Dress-

A few months after the Wedding me and George started to try to have a child again and finally a year after wedding we had Fred Weasley II. 2 years after him we had Marissa Roxanne Weasley. Fred became a beater when he got to Hogwarts so did Marissa when she went into school so the Weasley's stayed in Quiditch. The Joke Shop went great and George even bought Zonko's so we had tons of business from the store. I was never able to wear a 2 piece bikini again thanks to Jade (such a good friend) and besides that i was very happy with my family and the love of my life.

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