The Prank Wars (a weasley twins love story)

Name:Leah Thomson
Age:1 year younger than the twins
Hair color:Blue and straight
Skin Color:Pale
Eye color:Gray
Nail color:changes with her moods
Nicknames:Leah Lee, Tommie, Lee
Blood status:Half Blood

Chapter 2

The Burrow

by: MelMalfoy
"Leah Lee!" i heard fred and george yelling theyd started to call me that ever since id started dating lee it was annoying but funny "what?" i said "wait up dont you wana get a compartment with us?" george asked. It was the end of the year and we were going back home already "obviously ya dim wit" i said climbing onto george's back "i just wanted a ride" i said. "Git" george mumbled but didnt make me get off "oy! what are you two doing with my girlfriend?" lee asked when he saw us "you might wanna ask what she doing with us" george said. I gigled "relax lee" i said "now you go find us a compartment" i told george then i dug my heel into him "gitty up" he made a horse noise then ran into the train. I was cracking up with laughter my feet in his lap sitting down when lee and fred came in "interupting anything are we?" fred asked holding back laughter then we all started to laugh except for lee. "Oh come on cheer up buttercup" i said poking him with my toe then i kept laughing "so proud of your little brother?" i asked the twins "ya well we taught him how to play wizards chess to yeah" fred said "sure you did" i mumbled. Lee still looked sour the whole train ride but he still joined into our conversations "ah our dearest leah lease come stay with us at the burrow this summer" fred said when we were getting off the train "i have to ask my mother" i said "alrght were is she" he asked. I pointed to a tall skinny woman with long brown hair "ok lets go ask" he said "lets as in plural as in both of us?" i asked and he nodded "ugh my legs are suddenly too weak to walk" i said not wanting him to talk to my mother "ok then" he said and picked me up off the ground then draped me over his shoulder and brought me to my mother "hello mother" i said "hi" she said holding back giggles. "Fredward here wants me to ask you if i can come stay with him and his family which has a little sister which is the room ill be staying at" i added she considered this for a moment "alright just call me or send me an owl whatever when you get there and weekly" she said and i nodded "put me down let me hug my mother" i told fred and he did i hugged my mother quckly then ran away from fred "bye mom" i yelled over my shoulder as fred chased me. I looked for the ginger family which no doubt was the weasley family and when i found them i ran their way and into george i was laughing the whole way "hi george" i said "so i can stay with your family" i said when fred caught up with me. "Alright hey mum can leah stay with us this summer?" he asked the plump woman in the middle of the group "if its alright with her family" she said and i nodded.
When we got to their home i was awestruck it was awesome lus the clock that had everyones faces on it was really rad. "Now Leah you will be staying in ginny's room" mrs.weasley told me "alright" i said and ginny led me to her room i unpacked and set my teddy bear which was my favorite down on the army bed i was supposed to sleep on. I changed into my pj's then put my hair into a ponytail then i went to fred and george's room i knocked "come in" they said in unison i walked in to find them both shirtless they were pretty buff for like 14 year old's. "Hey guys" i said ripping my eyes away from fred's biceps "hey leah" they said in unison "i am so bored" i said sitting down on a bed "already? weve barely been back for like an hour" george said "well you know me im always bored" i giggled as fred sat down next to me. I ended up sleeping in fred's bed and when i woke up the next morning i was hugging his chest and his arm was around me i found myself smiling at this but i shook it off 'im dating lee' i screamed in my head. I woke up and went to the kitchen were i found ginny, mrs.weasley, percy, and ron already awake "good morning dear would you fancy some french toast?" she asked me "the english eating french toast" i said under my breathe "sure" i said lookng up. She served me french toast, pancakes and bacon when i was finished and the twins weren't up yet i decided to bring them some so i grabbed a tray and put two plates on it then put a mound of food on top. When i opened the door to their room they were already up "-girlfriend you cant try anything" george was telling fred "neither can you" fred replied "who're you 2 talking about?" i asked setting a plate down infront of fred and another infront of george "angelina johnson" george said "shes dating cedric diggory" fred finished. "Thanks for the food" george said when he was done with his food "thanks" i said from the window seat were i was dozing off "i believe your supposed to say your welcome not thanks" fred said "whatever" i mumbled. "I think i know what time it is" george said giving fred an evil smile "i think i do to george" fred said returning the smile george picked my feet up and fred picked up my arms and they dragged me all the way to the bathroom "hey ron" all 3 of us said to ron who was in line at the bathroom "ginny" they said ginny was brushing her teeth. They dropped me into the bathtub then turned on the water "fred and george weasley!" i yelled i pulled fred into the bathtub and we started to crack up george got the hand held shower head and started to aim the water at fred and me "george!" i giggled then i pulled him in i climbed out and started to wet them "ginny flufh the toilet" i said she did and then the twins started to yell. They climbed out of it and started to chase me when i ran into their room fred tackled me onto his bed we all started to laugh.

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