Lots of love at Hogwarts-Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lots of love at Hogwarts-chapter 1

The sun shone through my bedroom window. I sat up slowly and rubbed my eyes. I peered over at my calender. Today was the day I was going to Hogwarts. I had got the exceptance letter 2 weeks before and I was as excited as I could ever be. Even though I already knew I was going before I got the letter, it was still exciting. I walked downstairs to see my mum drinking her coffee, and my dad reading the Daily Prohpet.
"Morning!" I said, putting some toast in the toaster for my breakfast.
"Good morning sweatheart." my parents replied.
"I am soo excited to go to Hogwarts! It's supposed to be absolutly magial! I really hope I get Gryffindor like you 2 did."
"I'm sure you will," my mum said, setting down her coffee.
"It would be amazing. You could follow in our footsteps." My dad said, kissing me on the cheek then leaving for work at the Ministry.
"Oh darling! I nearly forgot! We have to get you to the train!" My mum said, spilling her coffee down the front of her shirt.
"Oh dear. I will change and then we will b off. Do get your trunk. We won't want to be late!" My mum rushed upstairs to change, as I just smiled and ate my toast.


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