One Day

this is a poem i wrote about bullying

Chapter 1

One Day

They just push and shove
And don’t care who they hurt
Or if they do.
Some don’t know why.
Others do.
Some want attention.
Some want to be accepted.
Others are just at a loss.
And why, you might ask.
Well this is probably what most would say,
”Why not.
Why not make someone else
Feel bad?
It makes me feel better.
So what if they might cry or hurt them self.
At the end of the day I feel better.”
And there you have it.
But there is one thing I can promise you.
One day, when someone that has been pushed around
Might kill them self,
Because they cant take it anymore,
The person or people that did all the pushing
Will be the ONLY ones to blame.
It will be on their conscious.
And they will have to live with it
For the rest of their lives.
If they make it long with the guilt,
You might think
they haven’t learned their lesson.
But they have.
You know why?
Because their soul has turned
Into a black smothering obis of nothingness.
So they to have died.
They brought this all upon them self.
One day,
They will know
What pain really is.


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