It's Complicated

It's Complicated

The is a group story that Pupp15 and I are writing.

You could say that Lexie Anne Carter and her family have the 'perfect' life. They live on a beach front property in Palm Coast, Florida and are filthy rich. But all Lexie and her two younger siblings want is what they don't have but most do. They just want their parents to notice and love them. But will it be too late when the parents finally focus on their children?

Chapter 4

Difficult Disagreement

Ashley's Point of View

After the entire Leslie business was done, I wandered around the mansion towards Bill & Josephine's office. Maybe I could talk some sense into them. I flattened out the sun dress on my body and swallowed.

"..Great but it would be better if my parents knew. But they can't" Ivy's voice spoke as frustrated as I ever heard it. I stopped for a moment and listened to their voices. There was a quiet pause, then Lexie spoke soothingly "I know Sweetheart. It'll work out in the end,"

Curiosity killed the cat I thought quietly. Might as well not intrude in what their doing. The thought still came to me of how troubled Lexie was. I massaged my temples again, then continued walking down the path of hallways toward the office.

Seeing the large double doors in front of me, I slipped my way through them, praying for a miracle.

Bill still sorted through the papers he was holding, entranced in his work. I glanced around at what seemed like thousands of books, then my eyes rested upon Josephine's chair. She was typing madly on the desktop in front of her. I stood quietly for a few minutes before they realized I was there.

"Oh, Ashley! Welcome, welcome," her green eyes were bright. Bill stared at me, then peeked over his reading glasses. "We're a bit busy. Mind coming back later?" I strolled over to the front of their desks, determined. "It's about your children," I stated. They exchanged nervous looks, then sighed uncomfortably.

"You have no time for them, and you know it!" I half-shouted. "We love them, we really do," Bill said, leaning on his elbows like he rarely does. "Yes, exactly. We just have to work our career-- you know the law firm rarely does this well." She pushed a paper towards me showing a line graph and the unbelievable increase in money earn. "I understand that but you're neglecting them! I haven't seen Adrian all day! Probably sulking in his room!" I shouted without meaning to. I shoved the paper and it fluttered to the floor.

"Well, do you think we can live in a house like this," Josephine waved her arms around, "Without a job like ours? We're practically lucky!" "Absolutely!" Bill agreed.
"Your lucky?" I spoke calmly. " lucky ?" It wavered noticeably. Tears filled my eyes for a moment, but I batted them way quickly. These children couldn't be cared for by a nanny all day, now could they?

They were silent. "I'd like to tell you, how your children feel!" I practically screamed. "Lexie only has a friend to talk to," I glared at Josephine. "Adrian doesn't know why the hell he has a life like this," and I glowered at Bill. "And Leslie can't tell anything! I'm fundamentally their mother!" I shut my eyes, pouring out my emotions.

Josephine had a pained & hurt look on her face, and Bill looked down at his work. "We have to get back to our work. Please leave," he said inaudibly. "Go to hell," I murmured quiet enough so only I could hear my own words. I stormed out and stomped my way toward my room. I shut the door behind me and let out a breath of relief.

At least they got what they have been missing, I thought.

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