It's Complicated

It's Complicated

The is a group story that Pupp15 and I are writing.

You could say that Lexie Anne Carter and her family have the 'perfect' life. They live on a beach front property in Palm Coast, Florida and are filthy rich. But all Lexie and her two younger siblings want is what they don't have but most do. They just want their parents to notice and love them. But will it be too late when the parents finally focus on their children?

Chapter 3

Boy troubles

Lexie's point of view
"Lexie?" Ashley asked, poking her head through the door. I looked up from my laptop. I hid what I was writing on it from her. "Ivy's here."
I combed my hair with my fingers and buried my face in the blanket that had been put over me.
"Let her in." I said, my voice muffled.
I heard Ashley leave and I lifted my head up to look at the message I had just received on my laptop.
I read it out loud, although my voice was barely above a whisper.
"Why can't you just tell me why you won't date me?" The message was from Richard Longton. The star-quarter back of our private school. Short brown hair that frames a strong face and pleasant brown eyes that always look at me longingly. He has been one of closest friends. Almost as close as me and Ivy are. Almost.
"Lexie?" A voice called from the doorway. I looked up again to see Ivy standing there. Her black hair is to side of her oval face, rocking on her heels as she usually does. Her black shorts and blue shirt hugs her every curve and she smiles at me slightly.
"Hey..." I replied, my voice trailing off as I glance back at my computer screen.
"What's wrong?" Ivy asks me as she plops down on my large bed.
I shove the computer toward her and she reads it slowly. Her eyes become laced with worry as she continues to read the conversation.
"He doesnt know that I like his best friend too." I whispered and she pulled me into a long hug. Then she says in my ear, "Who do you like more?"
"Well, Richard has been my best friend since like kindergarten and he is very cute and loving and knows me almost as well as you do but Mason..." I trailed off again as I thought of Mason. Curly brown hair that bounce when he runs. He has unique purple eyes and lips that entice me. He has a strong body as well and plays football too. He is also in track, basketball and volleyball with me. He plays drums in band and I play my baritone saxophone. He never puts me down, always complimenting me and wooing my friends. In many ways, he and Richard are alike but are very different at the same time. They are both rich but Richard thinks that because he is rich, he can do anything and have anything he wants. Mason doesnt...
"I don't know." I said and buried my head in my hands.
A moment of silence passed before I said, "How's your boyfriend?"
Ivy smiled and stuck her tongue out at the side. "Great but it would be better if my parents knew. But they cant."
Ivy's boyfriend, Ben, is a gardener's son. He isnt rich and because of that, no one would approve of their relationship. But i have never seen anyone else more in love and happy. Not even our parents.
"I know sweetheart. It'll work out in the end." I said soothingly, trying to forget my own problems.
Easier said than done.

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