It's Complicated

It's Complicated

The is a group story that Pupp15 and I are writing.

You could say that Lexie Anne Carter and her family have the 'perfect' life. They live on a beach front property in Palm Coast, Florida and are filthy rich. But all Lexie and her two younger siblings want is what they don't have but most do. They just want their parents to notice and love them. But will it be too late when the parents finally focus on their children?

Chapter 23


Hey guys. Thanks for all the support that you've given Diane and I while writing this.

Please read, this is very urgent
The person who wrote these words were from my sister, Diane. She wrote several stories on her laptop she never finished. Since I was her editor, she asked of me to edit her work because she felt nobody could read her writing. Her hands were seriously weak and her fingers had barely any use

Diane sadly lost her battle with cancer on the thirty-first of December, at 8:36PM. I am her sister Kara. She wanted me to tell you that you were one of her brightest inspirations. She was a very lovely girl, and I hope that she realized that.

Her sister wrote that at the bottom of Chapter 22. I cried when I read it. I cried even harder when I found out she had passed away. I loved Diane, she was such an inspiration to me, and an amazing friend.

We had collaborated and made this story together. We went through the plot, the characters-what they should look like, act, what role they'd play.

She had left some messages for her family and her sister gave me the message that she wanted me to finish this story.

And without her, I know it just won't be the same but it was one of her dying wishes, and I plan to fulfil it.

I'm going to gather the plot line and re-create the story on my other account, I assume some of you have seen it already. I'll leave Diane's chapters as they are, except to fix some grammar mistakes.

I really miss Diane and I hope she's watching me from Heaven as I write this so she knows I have my heart set on finishing this story.

Rest In Peace Diane. You'll always be in my heart.


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