It's Complicated

It's Complicated

The is a group story that Pupp15 and I are writing.

You could say that Lexie Anne Carter and her family have the 'perfect' life. They live on a beach front property in Palm Coast, Florida and are filthy rich. But all Lexie and her two younger siblings want is what they don't have but most do. They just want their parents to notice and love them. But will it be too late when the parents finally focus on their children?

Chapter 2

Stressful Situations...

Ashley's Point of View

I cooed Lexie quietly, tracing my fingers along her back trying to soothe her. I could tell she was sleeping by the gentle movements of her chest moving up and down. I swept her hair from her face, and tucked the soft fleece blanket up to her neck.

I've had this job for almost 5 years now. Josephine and I had become good friends in our private school up north, and I had been working for her since her and Bill finally got promoted at the law firm. Josephine and Bill never paid attention to their children at all, though. That's why I was here.

I moved swiftly across to the piece of what used to be Lexie's calculator. As I slid the piece into the waste bin, a voice interrupted me. "Ashley?" I spun around and saw Leslie, the youngest of the household, chewing on a mechanical pencil. "It's Long Division," she said shyly. "Hold on, Leslie, I'll be down in a moment." I massaged my temples without meaning to, it's what I do when I'm stressed. "Okay," she smiled and left the room.

I took one more glance at Lexie, who was sleeping peacefully, and left the room.

"But what do I do after that?" Leslie complained. "Look," I prodded at her homework with a pencil eraser, trying to make her understand. "Okay," she nodded thoughtfully. "And then what?"

"Let's have lunch," I sighed, checking the silver watch on my wrist. Maneuvering my way toward the first floor kitchen, I prepared grilled cheese. Suddenly, the familiar Victorian bell sound of the doorbell rung in my ears. "I'll get it!" Leslie squealed in delight. I heard the door creak open eerily. Small talk appeared, then Leslie shouted again "It's Ivy!". "Coming," I shook my head.

"Is Lexie there?" Ivy smiled. Her obsidian black hair was pulled to the side framing her oval face. She rocked on her heels, dressed in expensive black sporting shorts and a curvy powder blue shirt. "Um," I stood for a moment. "Come in," I gestured. "Lexie is finishing her math,"

Knowing this wasn't the truth, I hurried up the spiral staircase and towards Lexie's room. Peeking through the crack in her door, she was on her thin black laptop. She occasionally wrote something on what appeared to be her math. "Lexie?" I spoke. She looked up. "Ivy's here,"

She combed her fingers through her brunette hair and buried her face in the fleece blanket.

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