It's Complicated

It's Complicated

The is a group story that Pupp15 and I are writing.

You could say that Lexie Anne Carter and her family have the 'perfect' life. They live on a beach front property in Palm Coast, Florida and are filthy rich. But all Lexie and her two younger siblings want is what they don't have but most do. They just want their parents to notice and love them. But will it be too late when the parents finally focus on their children?

Chapter 1

Always the same way

Lexie's point of view
I sighed in frustration, throwing my calculator across the room where it shattered. I closed my eyes and screamed into my pillow.
"Lexie? Are you okay?" My nanny, Ashley Mae Preston, asked me. Of course, I dont think of her as my nanny. She's more like my mother. At least, she acts the way my mother should.
"No, Ashley, I'm so frustrated with my math." I said, and ran my hand through my long dark brown hair.
"Why don't you try asking your dad? He's good with numbers." Ashley suggested, her gray-blue eyes shimmering with hope. Her light brown hair is pulled back in a loose pony tail and her pink sun dress swirled around her.
I sighed again. "I guess i can try."
I pulled myself off my bed, fixed my shorts and tank before heading down the complicated trail of hallways to my father's office. I knocked and waited for him to answer.
"Come in." My mom's voice rang out from behind the large closed door.
I pushed it open slightly and slipped in. This room never fails to awe me. The right and left walls are covered with book cases and there are two large victorian desks where my parents are currently sitting at.
As usual, my father as his reading glasses on, and his ice blue eyes are content on his paperwork. His black hair is jelled back and he's wearing one of his many suits. His strong build looms over the desk unlike my mother.
My mother is sitting at the desk beside him, typing away on her computer. She's wearing her black pencil skirt and a light pink blouse with bright red lipstick and her light blond hair is tied back in a tight bun. Her green eyes never waver from the screen, even when she's talking to me.
I cleared my throat and said, "Dad, I'm having trouble with my math homework...Could you please help me?"
He didnt look up either. "Ask your nanny. Can't you see your mother and I are busy?" He asked, his voice annoyed. With me.
"You never have time for me." I muttered under my breathe.
"We are very busy. You like living expensively and we have to work to get the money. Be polite toward your father and I or the punishment may be severe." My mother's stern voice said. She never even looked at me.
I walked out of there, trying to hold back the tears when I see my little brother standing beside me.
"Go away Adrian. I'm not in the mood to hear my 12 year old brother lecture me." I said and walked away from him too.
"I only wanted to help." I heard him whisper. Tears slid down my cheeks but I didnt turn around. He hates it when I cry.
I walked back into my room and buried my face into my pillow. I sobbed until I felt a gentle hand touch my back.
I looked up and my green eyes met Ashley's gray-blue ones.
"It always goes this way." I sobbed again. "All i ever want is for them to understand me. To love me." Ashley simply held me and said nothing as I ranted and cried myself to sleep once again.

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