The Wicked

ok i hope u guys lik it rite now its jst lik an intro to things but dont worry it gets gud :)

Chapter 1

chapter 1

I was in my room getting ready for school. I just got back from winter vacation. I haven’t seen my friends since the funeral of my best friend Chelsea Beckons. Chelsea and I have been best friends since third grade. Now I’m in my senior year of high school (Just when I thought high school can`t be any harder Chelsea dies).
The cops say she crashed her car into the ocean while going to my house at midnight. There are two things wrong with this theory: (1) I`ve known Chelsea all my life and she’s the most carful driver I’ve ever seen.(2) I don`t know why in the world she would be going to my house at 12:00 in the middle of the night. Okay so they found her car in the ocean and it sure did look like she crashed through the bars on the side of the rode, but they never did find her body so maybe she`s still out there.
Everybody gave up looking for her after two weeks, even her parents. (They never really did love her.) But I will never give up.
"Rachael, come on! You’re going to be late for school." Aunt Crystal called from down stairs.
I looked at myself in the mirror for the last time this morning, I saw my reflection but I saw something that wasn’t me in it. Sure I had the same almond eyes, (beautifully brown) the same black long hair, the red lipstick, and that cute hat I saw in the window yesterday and just had to have. It was black with a white little belt. I had my school clothes on (which aren`t so bad). All I had to have that was permitted was our school insignia. We could practically wear whatever we wanted. But there was still something wrong, oh well I’ll figure it out later. Then I ran down stairs and grabbed the keys to my car.
When I got to school, just like I thought, my three friends were there. They were waiting where I usually park my car. Once I got out they all started talking at once.
"Oh my god I can't believe you're back." Said Cordelia
"How are you?" said Alisa
"How was your trip?" said Nala
Okay now it’s time to stop everyone.
"Hey guys! Im fine don't worry about it. How’s everything?"
Then they started bickering about their winter vacations. These were my friends, Nala, Alisa, and Cordelia. Nala looks different from the last time I saw her. She has longer black hair. It’s just above her waist. Last time it was a few inches below her shoulder. She always had beautiful green eyes. That’s why we call her Nala, it means tigress. She’s always fierce and excited. (Always)
Alisa looks the same. She has curly shoulder length dark, red hair and her big, hazel eyes. For some reason, she always wears this really cute charm bracelet.
Cordelia is somewhat the same. She has the curly short blond hair and the red lipstick, plus a new attitude (which I don’t like).
“So what did you do Rachael? Did you have fun in Pennsylvania?” Alisa interrupted my little observation.
“Oh it was fine. We stayed at my granny’s house. She made me do some chores and let me ride her horses. Do you guys remember Buttercup from my 8th birthday party?” they all answered yes. “Well I got to ride her. So that was fun.”
Nala said, “That sounds like a lot of fun. Next time you go to your granny’s, I’m coming with.” Then she gave me a little smile.
“No problem. I was bored half the time anyway.”
I needed to use effort to smile and laugh with them. It was harder than I thought. Before I knew it, it was time for class.
After homeroom, I went to gym where I had to play soccer, which I loved, because I was great at soccer. Nala was in that class and she was on the other team. We love competing against each other. We’re like a dog chasing a cat for the mouse. (Of course Nala was the cat and I was the dog.) Then I had World History my second to favorite class, my first is Language Arts. (That I have after lunch.) For some reason, I didn’t feel so happy about going there.
After world history, we had lunch. My boyfriend was waiting at the door for me. I was glad to see him I needed a hug. His name is Chris; he is a quarterback and plays for the Tigers, our football team. He was wearing his jersey with long jeans. He has spiked up black hair (which I love) and no gel, it’s all natural. I’ve known him as long as I’ve known Chelsea, we all were best friends. Now he’s my boyfriend and she’s dead.

He finally spotted me and he practically ran over to me. He grabbed me and hugged me which made me feel better. “Hey I’m so glad you’re back.” I was glad he didn’t let go of me but when he finished talking he let go of all of me but my hand. “So how is your day so far?”
“It’s okay so far. Now that I’m with you.” Then I squeezed his hand and he squeezed back and smiled. We were walking to the door when Lisa our student council president stepped our way. She’s really annoying and she makes me and Chris do so many things for the school. I wonder what ridiculous thing she wants us to do now?
“Hi guys. It’s so nice to see you two. I haven’t seen you two since the funeral. Isn’t it a lovely day?” She can talk like that forever. All positive and never negative. It’s weird, but she’s always perky.
Luckily, Chris was here to stop the rant.
“Um Lisa we’re good and all, but is there something you wanted us to do?”
Lisa had a shocked face on, but I knew the truth, she wasn’t shocked at all.
“Why in the world do I need a reason to talk with you two?” she didn’t even give us the time to answer
“Well since you’ve mentioned it there is something I need you two for. I was just wondering if you could be the judges for our winter formal.”
The winter formal! I almost forgot about that. The winter formal is a school dance that couples compete with each other to see “who’s the cutest couple” this year. The couple who wins is put in the year book and gets to go to Disney World (with their parents) for three days.
“We’ll think about it.” I said while dragging my boyfriend around her.
“Well you better think soon. Give me an answer by next week. Thank you, and have a nice day.” She said.
We were through the door when Chris spoke to me. “Do you want to do that? It’s okay if you don’t. I can tell her you’re not up to it.”
“I don’t know. Maybe we should do it. It might get my mind off things.” I told him.
“Hey are you really okay? Do you want to go home?” he sounded so worried I wanted to cry. I know it sounds weird but it’s true.
“Why do you worry so much for me?” I said.
He didn’t give me an answer right away. So I looked around us and realized we had stopped walking and that half of the cafeteria was staring at us.
“I just do. Is that a crime?” He said.
He interrupted my thoughts. “No I guess not.”
Then I said more quietly “Let’s get our lunch and go outside before more people notice us.”
He looked around and everybody started chatting again. He agreed and we got our lunch, and went outside. (I swear sometimes it’s like the world stops when I’m around him.)


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