Falling for the 'wrong' girl

Falling for the 'wrong' girl

Carter Wright and his loving mother have moved to the country side after his father abused them. Carter is fearful for his mother but they learn to deal with the pain.
As Carter starts school at the local high school, he starts to fall for the weirdest girl there. She doesnt have many friends and people are constantly judging her.
Can Carter help her see that there is hope? Or will he end up just like her?

Chapter 1


Carter's point of view
I set the last box down just as my mother layed down on the couch. She sighed loudly, her long brown hair flowing around her. Her pretty hazel eyes are closed and I try not to wake her as I tip-toe into the bathroom.
I run the cold water and splash my face continuously until i catch a look at myself in the mirror.
I have a large bruise on my left cheek bone from where my 'father' punched me. He had come home drunk..again. Obviously being married and having a 16 old son who needs him isnt enough to get him to stop.
My thoughts drift away from him as I look myself over. My medium long brown hair flops into my eyes which are the same hazel color as my mother. I'm glad i look more like her than my father. I have my father's strong build but I dont use my body for violence.
I have never hit a person in my life. Never did I fight back when my father hit me. I took the beatings hoping he would get bored and leave. But he would throw punch after punch. Never stopping, never caring. My mother got it worse. That's the only time I would scream at him. I shudder at the thought of my mom, my caring, beautiful mom, being beaten at the hands of a monster. She never fought back either.
Shuddering once again, I take one last glance at myself before drying my face on a towel and heading to lay on the floor beside my mom. Her breathing is regular and she seems to finally be at peace. I smile and pull the blanket over her slim body. I do the same and fall into a deep, relaxing sleep.

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