how can life be this cruel but still send my this angel {INTRO MUST BE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR YOU WILL NEVER MEET YOUR ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA}

good you read the intro.READ IT ALL!!!!!!! ok this is a girl whos life is so HORRIBLE. she about to give up on hope but a new family comes to school. she seems to like this one particulary boy in the family but know hes never going to fall for a girl like her. this will be in her perspective and after this story i will write it in the boys version. maybe even make a series. if you finish this story you will understand the title and i will tell you when.

Chapter 1

Diary Entry - Father

by: LilMags
Dear Daisy, {Writers note or WN:diary name is daisy}
I HATE MY LIFE!!! Why cant she leave me alone? Why can't he stop touching me in ways i don't like? Why can't my parents act like my parents? What is with my sister treating me like a maid? Or my brother treating me like his 'Personal Entertainer like my father? Why the bruises rested upon me by my so called mom? Why the lies my brother and father whisper in my ear before doing something out of their own enjoyment and pleasure? All these questions run around in my head day after day looking for an answer. Another question is 'why don't i tell anyone about this.' I can't believe i keep this a secret. I could get help, but if others find out, What will my so called "family" do to me. my father s abusive and rapes me. My brother too. My sister uses my for chores she is too lazy to do. My mom is abusive. My brother and sister are treated like the world will explode if they weren't here by my parents. Why not me? My mother says it's because i'm the youngest. My father says it's because i'm the prettiest, but he whispered it in my ear on a day he wanted nothing but pleasure. I don't want this. Why won't it leave? Should I die? Will my problems all go away? Is there a god that will treat me kindly or is death nothing, but a cold pit of darkness you can never escape, or maybe god isn't as kind as people believe? I won't find out unless... No that's crazy talk right. Well i have to remember god put me here for a reason, but what is that reason? Why am i here? Why this family? I have done nothing wrong. I have been kind and sweet and gentle. What did i do wrong? What did I do to deserve such cruel punishment? Some one people tell me. clear this mind for me. Show me tell me why. why do

Regular Perspective

"SILVER OVER HERE NOW" jenny yelled from down stairs. it made me flinch and i scribble down oops my sister rings for me got to go hope to talk to you again daisy i closed the book. i looked at my wrist and saw the big bruise on my wrist. i touched it and flinched "SILVER WHAT THE HELL YOUR DOING COME HERE NOW" i got up and ran down but when jenny was in view i started walking. "what is it jenny" she pointed to broken glass on the floor and water spilled. "i dropped it clean it up then get me a glass of water." i just got a rag and cleaned up the water but when i did the front door open. my dad came in. "hey every... what happened" he noticed the glass. "silver dropped it." jenny said pointing at me. i was going to say something but then my dad said. "dont say one word clean up this mess now jenny go upstairs my baby is not going to see what will happen." one sad thing my sisters older than me and shes the baby. my dad wont even introduce me as the daughter he introduces me as the maid. sometimes when they are just his friends he calls me his slave.jenny walked up the stairs but not without saying "yes daddy" i cleaned it up but when i was too slow aparently he kicked my side and i fell on the glass. he picked me up my white shirt is already red with blood and glass. he slammed me into the wall glass piercing me. i kept a straight face. he used one hand to keep me on the wall but used the other one to pull my hair back and he whispered in my ear. "now that i was thinking about it. i rather take it when you were eight and you fought back and screamed this isnt fun." he pulled my hair harder but let go with his other hand and i fell on the glass on my back.he turned around kick me and turned back "clean this mess up then go to school." i cleaned everything up. and changed. i made sure to wear long sleeves and turtle neck undershirt. we change in p.e. and its summer. everyone thinks im wierd for wearing that kind of stuff in the summer at around 102 degrees. we also have swimming classes and while i have p.e. with both jenny and kraig and jenny wears a slutty little tiny bikini and kraig wears trunks but i wear a full body swim suit. you know to cover the scars and bruises. everything i do is a struggle to do. i have no friends at all. i dont care about friends though. i am lucky when no guy tryes to sexually harrass me when i walk down the hall.jenny spread a rumor i was a whore. i got mad. also my bro said it was true. i seriously got pissed. i cant do anything about it. well i got in the back of the car wearing this.

shirt with leggings:

my bro and sis were singing to the radio. dancing and moving like crazy. my bro rarley had his hands on the wheel and we almost crashed 7 times. we got to the school and i jumped out and rushed to class. i saw people staring at something but i didnt want to see what it was. i was just happy it aint me. i went straight to my first period to avoid pervs. i kept my head down and the rest of the class came one by one and the bell rang and everyone rushed in. then i heard "well class it seems like we got a new student from...." "uhh nebraska" it sounded more like a question. i looked up to see the more handsome guy ever.


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