Cookie Powers!

Cookie Powers!

Well i like Girl Scout Cookies and NO it IS NOT a stupid idea i just thought it would be fun! Okay your name is Kelsey Grivens and you are 12 going on 13 WOO HOO! And one day in middle school you are dared to go into the teachers lounge and steal some of their toilet paper and you see Girl Scout Cookies and cant resist! :3 PEACE OUT SUCKERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

The Cookies

"I SO bet you can't do it!" Malley, one of my enemies teased me. "I SO can!" I shot back with a smirk that could melt icebergs. "Well, then come on! Do it!" She shouted and started a chant of "DO ITS DO ITS!" I adjusted my glasses and turned away, feeling the burn of her evil eyes burning a hole through the back of my head and her smile evil enough to make a volcano erupt.

Yah, thats me. The nerd. But im not always like that. I just want to get into Harvard and then all my troubles: POOF! Gone! I'll never see Malley in whatever cheap, mediocre college she gets into; that is, if she even GETS IN to one. So far my Harvard dream was coming into reality. All the classes i was in (even lunch) where advanced. Except the friends class. Even though it doesn't exsist, I would probably get an F on it. No one wants to be friends with the nerd. But im actually really nice and like all other people. I just don't know why. Oh wait! I know! Malley. She ruined my whole life by spreading the rumor that i didn't have the 'latest looks' or the 'latest eyeliner' or even a phone! All because i accidentally spilled a drop of my mayonasse on her new so-casilific awesomest latest style cashmere sweater!

"Ms.Grivens?" Asked a surprised Mr.Evens. "You're not normally like this...maybe a drink of water would get you all feeling awake." "Of course sir!" I replied and rushed out. Water. Water always gave me ideas. IDEA! First: Wheres my camera? Second: I am SO going to make Malley cry! Third: Lets do this. Fourth: Im going in the teachers lounge and doing the dare of taking the teachers toilet paper. Deep Breaths Okay.

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