You can't be just a dream.

Some other lovey stuff. lol <3

Chapter 1


by: medabee
I had that dream today or tonight or whatever. He was in it again. That same person from each and every dream I have. I can remember him distinctly from every hair on his scalp to every bump on his skin. He was just to precious to loose. Even his name sounded irresistibly unforgettable. His name was Jeremiah. He seemed to be in his sophomore year and had an amazing smile. He had bright brown eyes that were to die for and black silky hair I would only dream of having.The dream would always begin with me walking at the park. I strolled through grass and concrete. Then he would just sort of appear. He would take me by the hand and he would just take over. I'll have to admit even though it's all in my head, it seemed pretty sweet. What was weird is that every time the dream ended with him say smoothly with his breath, " You'll meet with me won't you? At Ten 'o clock? By the big oak tree?" And just when I want to respond yes, he vanishes in a swarm of flying birds. Then I become surrounded by nothing, Everything disappears into the bright white light. I wake up a few minutes after, breathing harder than I breath during Gym class. That's when I go with the morning flow and go to school.

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