The Beach House

Your college friend Nate has invited you to spend the week at his Beach House in Miami... Did I mention that the mansion is filled with tons of other hot college kids ready to party? (Extremely Dirty!!)

Chapter 1

The Party!

You walk up to the Beach house, not really sure what to expect. All you were told to bring was some shorts, your surfboard and LOTS of con;doms.
Pulling down the street in your red car you can hear the party already at full swing. Shadows in the windows, Music blaring, People banging out by the pool.

You start by walking into the kitchen, and are startled as two hot girls pull you onto the counter. One is wearing a bikini about 5 sizes too small, the other a see through red thong and bra set. You stand still as they bend over, carressing your toes they smile and start moving up. When one reachs your thigh the other moves up top. You can feel a hand working around your shorts as she tries to find a zipper while the other is jamming her b;oobs into your mouth. Moaning you try to bite but she pulls away and slaps your butt.

Next thing you know another boy is being pulled up and your pulled through the crowd out to the living room. A Stripper is rocking out to a fast beat. Down goes her Shorts, than her tanktop. You feel yourself getting hard at the site of her fat butt glistening, a tiny pink thong poked between the large buns. In front a huge toussle of mound is buldging, followed by two giants looming up top. Antoher girl steps up and removes the thong with her teeth and soon is kissing her mound. A third girl, totally nide heads up and climbs on the second one, Soon all three are biting and licking every which way. Right when their all naked and flaunting their junk, they move to a bedroom down the hall and loud screams and moans come out. Inspired you try to find your own room.....

Walking down the hal you spot an open door and walk in. Suddenly the bathroom across the room opens and out walks a blonde. She is totally naked, full b;oobs shaking as she leans against the door frame. Her mound is freshly shaved and she gives a little smirk. Suddenly..... (COmment if you want more!!)


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