To all my boys... #3

3! What just happened? I'm in AMERICA!!!

Chapter 1


"A demi-god-d-d" I stuttered. What would you do if you meet a strange boy who told you that you were a demigod?
"Yes stupid" he said sarcastically.
"Shut up" I snapped and hit him on the back of the head.
"OW!!" he wailed. When he said that he looked so much like a boy I use to know..a long time ago.Something like de ja vou. I shook my head. How could I know this guy? I was on the run for 3 years! I didn't have time to make friends and even if I did they ended up betraying me!
"Um, you want to go down to Chiron?" he asked. I don't usually trust people but something about this kid made me trust him, as though he had never failed to not let me down. I nodded and followed him as we walked down the hill.
As we walked past the cabins, diffrent aromas filled the air. One had a low roof and looked like it had recently been re-painted with a blue back round, a man with black hair who looked familiar, sea creatures and a beautiful women with long black flowing hair. Her smiling face seemed so familiar. I walked towards it just about to touch her pale face when Red grabbed my arm.
"If you touch that the Posidion kid's will kill you!" he snapped. Then he lead me past a cabin that smelt like jasmines and lilys and stopped infornt of a big yellow cabin witch the sun danced of perfectly giving it the illusion that it was glowing. A group of kids were infront of it talking. When they say Red the smiled.
"Hey Red..who's this?" asked a pretty girl with long red hair. She looked at me and smiled. She looked familiar a princess..
"This is Serena wasn't it?" he asked me. I nodded. "This is Serena Casey. Serena these are Casey,Morgan,Zac and JoJo. They all looked familiar to me to but espicially the boy named Zac. His Messy Dark brown hair kept on covering his stormy grey eyes. He seemed to notice it too.
"Do I know you from somewhere?" he asked.
"No..i'm kind of new.."
"Oh" he sounded disappointed. The boy called Morgan was studing me carefully. His dartk eyes were filled with remorse.
"Alexandria?" he asked. Everybody turned to him. I've got to admitt, that name was kind of familiar.
"It's Serena.." I corrected.
"HI Serena! I'm JoJo!" said the little boy with black hair and blue eyes. I smiled at him. He looked pretty familiar a little brother maybe..
"So you are Serena.." said a rough voice then a hand patted my shoulder. Up close, Chiron looked like a normal man, a little old but old.
"I am.." he started.
"Chiron" I finished. Chiron smiled.
"This is Camp Half-Blood home of the Demi-gods, you are welcome to stay even if its not summer though. When we find out your parent you can move into there cabin until then you will be staying in the Hermes cabin.."
"Aww, can't she stay in the Poseidon cabin?"JoJo complained. Everyone laughed while he looked confused. That scene was so head hurt so much like I was trying to remember something but something wasn't letting me. I grabbed my head and fell on my knees.
"Are you all right?" asked Zac and Casey at the same time. Zac grabbed my hand. His body temerature was warmer than usual. Casey grabbed my shoulder. Wrong desicion.
A littl spark flew from in the middle of our hands then something went through me, a feeling like I was conducting something...
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Casy screamed. Chiron eyes widened and grabbed the nearest stick and cut the conection between me and Zac. Casey collaspsed on Morgan. Her hand looked burnt..her eyes were closed and she was shaking. Her hair was sticking up she had just been elecotrocuted.

What happened to Casey really scared everyone. Nearly everybody except JoJo,Morgan and Red kept there distance since Casey was in the sick bay and Zac wasn't allowed to go near me.
"Everybody, go back to your normal activites...Serena, I need to speak to you..Zac and Red please come along." said Chiron. I gulped and followed the boys and Chiron as he lead us to the blue house.
"Sorry guys.." I said.
"No prob Serena.." said Zac though he looked a bit embarrassed as everyone stared at us.
Red shrugged.
Chiron stopped at the porch and sat on a seat. In the seat next to him was a plumb god in a pink tracksuit. He looked liked he was partying all night.
"So..the is Serena.." he gestured at me.
"Yes Mr.D" said Red and Zac obediently.
"Dionysus" I gulped.
"So, you know who I am, do you know why I am stuck here?" he questioned.
I nodded. First day and I'd already managed to hurt someone and gain a godly enemy. Way to go Serena!
"So, how did you eletrocute Corey?"
"It's Casey" Red corred.
"Yes, what ever Bed.." when he said that Red turned Red.
"So how exactly did it happen?" he asked me.
"Well, Zac was holding my hand.." I explained. Dionysus raised an eyebrow.Zac also turned red." Then Casey held my shoulder.."
"Tell me, did Corey touch you skin?"
"What?" I asked. I was kind of confused, who would that? "Yes.."
"Hmm."he started."Do you know what happens when electrictiy and water mix?" Mr D asked.
"Um..the person who touches the water will get electrocuted?" I asked.
"Exactly, and in this case, Zac's the electricity and you are the water or conductor, Casey held your shoulder so she got electrocuted, what doesn't make sence is that that has never happened to anybody, not even the Poseidon kids!" said Chiron."Where are you from?" he added.
I suddenly realised that I had just floated across Atlantic Ocean to get where Iwas.
"I'm from Scotland..Chiron, is it possible for people..ahh.I mean demi-god to float across the Atlantic Ocean without dying?" I asked. Chiron and Mr D didn't looked very suprised but Red and Zac did.
"Your from Europe?" asked Red. I nodded.
"Yes, well that may not be such a mystery Serena, Poseidon's kids can do that but what I don't get is why you acted as a conductor when Zac touched you.." said Chiron.
"A Poseidon's kid?" asked Zac."She's a child of the big three? Chiron..the prophecy.."
"Yes Zac..she maybe but there are a few more children of Posidon.." said Chiron although he didn't sound convinced.
"The prohechy said a daughter of the sea..Lady of the water." said Zac.
"It did.." Zac added.
Chiron opened his mouth to answer but just at that moment a kid with blonde hair came running up to Chiron and Mr D. He stopped dead and started to pant.
"Chiron,Mr.D.." he started but just as he was about to finish the sentence the voice of a crowd came ringing down to the big house.
"Percy's back!


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