Dream Come True (A Christian Beadles Love Story)

Hey Guys! I know your probably like: Why is she making another story? Well, I know my friend really likes him and I wanted to write something for him so enjoy!

Name: Gia Raider
Age: 13
Personality: Amazing, funny, fun, outgoing, strong-hearted, talented
Looks: shorter brown hair, hazel eyes

Chapter 1


I have had a crush on Christian Beadles ever since my friend showed me his picture on Google images. I read more about him and found out that he is a really nice, cool person. I would love to meet him. My friend, Addie, got to sing for Justin Bieber, and he decided to sign her. Now I get to meet Christian!

Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=28752618

"C'mon G! It's time to go!" Addie shouted from the driveway. "Coming!" I shouted back. I ran out the door and hopped into the passenger seat of her Dodge, Challenger. "Relax, would ya?" she asked, looking over at me. I just couldn't though. She put her hand on my shoulder, as if to keep me from bouncing, but that didn't work. She rolled her eyes, surpressing a laugh and then turned the car on, blasting 103.5, my favorite radio station

"Where are we going to get there. I'm hungry." I complained as she drove down the road. "Five minutes to a McDonald's, and then another five to the icerink." she told me, and I sighed of hunger. I tried to wait patiently for food, and scarffed down my chicken nuggets in less than five mutes while she sat and sipped at a smoothie. "How are you not hungry?" I asked, my mouth full. "We ate breakfast like an hour ago. Only you would be hungry." she said, playing around with her keys. (She may be 16, but she's still my bestfriend) I finished eating and then took my cup with me out to her car. We got back in and she turned the car on. 'Firework' by Katy Perry came on and we both started belting it out, laughing like usual.

We pulled up to the icerink in Atlanta and got out. I watched her shove her keys, phone, and iPod in her pockets while I waited impatiently for her to get out of the car. "OMGOMGOMG!" I kept on saying over and over. "Oh my god shut up!" she said as we walked in, and I bursted out laughing. "This isn't even funny!" she said, but I could see her smiling. We walked up to the counter and she rented my skates, because she has her own hockey blades. She put hers on in like 2 seconds, and then helped me with mine, because I wasn't good at iceskating, let alone getting the skates on.

After she finished, I watched her go out on the ice and glide around on her skates, and she made it seem so simple. I stepped onto the ice, and as soon as I tried to move, I slipped and fell, but someone caught me. "Woah, are you okay?" the person asked, and I turned and saw Christian Beadles. "OH MY GAWD!!! Your Christian Beadles!!" I shouted, glad that we were the only people here. "Yeah. Last time I checked." he said, laughing. I laughed along and looked around, and saw Addie with who I guessed was Justin skating with ease.

"So let me guess; never been skating before?" he asked as he helped me onto the ice. "Well, I have, but I'm just not very god." I conceded. He nodded his head and smiled. I could help you learn." he said. "Okay." I told him, with a very big smile on my face.

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