Trying Too Hard (A band story)

This is a story about some guy and some girl...and some people. If you wanna be in it, just say =D
I will add a new chapter every Saturday (if I can be bothered).

Chapter 1

Who cares?

Ugh, I have never cared about school. It sucks asss. Like, big time. Apart from my beautiful girlfriend Marie. She is probably the only good thing about St Joseph's. Oh yeah! And my best friend, PJ is also pretty sweet.

The first day back was gonna suck but I would expect nothing less. As I walked in to the main entrance, I noticed a gang of girls in the corner. They were very good looking but I have never cheated on Marie and I wasn't gonna start now.
"Hey, Matt!" I heard PJ's voice break down the hall. I noticed him running down the hall like a mad chicken in his multicoloured hoodie and low hung jeans. I turned around and stretched my right arm out for a man shake.
He gripped my hand and instead of doing a man hug, he went in for a girl one! I laughed as he pulled away. "Check it out, Matt. I downloaded the latest Mayday Parade mp3. What do you think?" He asked, handing me an earphone. I shook my head at it.
"I'm not into them anymore. Marie's introduced me to someone else..." I muttered, starting to walk towards my locker. PJ jogged to catch up with me,
"Oh no...You ain't been diagnosed with the Bieber Fever have you?!" He asked, with a sincere worried look on his face. I chuckled and shook my head again.
"Nah. They're called 'Zero One Too Many'. They're not exactly popular yet but Marie's brother heard them on Amateur Night." I explained. PJ didn't look intrigued.
", back to me, Brooke is totally single now. There she is!" PJ laughed pointing to Brooke at the other end of the hall. She was his on/off girlfriend. They both ran up to each other. I really hated PJ sometimes.

First period was English with Mr O'Connell. He was twice the age of the school and spoke with a Russian/Mexican accent. I didn't really get him.
"So class....agsyfdhjgfashfgcf..." He mumbled, pointing to a picture of Shakespeare on the board. Darryl Townie, at the back, laughed his pig snort of a laugh.
"Wow...Dude, you kinda suck!" Darryl snorted. Mr O'Connell turned to face him.
Yeah, this was gonna be a slow day.


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