Justin Bieber?? Dude. No. (girls only)(part 10) read intro!!

HEY! So this time I want 15 comments and I WILL NOT write another part until I get 15! I have recently started figure skating so I'm not at the rink 3 times a week a long with my homework and classes (I'm homeschooled) so I've been super busy recently. Ideas are appreciated, encouraged, and needed!!!!!
Thanks :)
~Kat :D

Chapter 1

The truth comes out.....oops

~Justins POV~
could I trust them?? They are my best friends. So I told them everything. And I mean everything. From meeting Paige, to trying to make her jealous at the club, to datin jasmine, to dumping jasmine. They were Shocked at first but they understood. I was a little worried about if Missy told Paige. But I just had to trust her.
~ paige's POV~
Everyone came back from the water fountain and sit down by me. Today the park is kinda empty. It's Friday and pretty hot. "so I have to go to Florida for a week on Monday, and my mom said I could invite you guys. We leave at 9 on Monday morning and get back at 11 on Sunday night." he said. A week away? Sweet! All I have to do is convince mom........

Sorry it's so short but I have writers block and I want to stop at a good spot :) IDEAS PLEASE!!!
~Kat :D


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