She Loves You

OK so I decided to make this into a story because the limited space was driving me crazy. I'm starting off with Part 8

Chapter 1

Part 8

John- Tell Me Why

It's been a week since you talked to John about Paul, and he still hasn't done anything. John will go to the studio, record, and come home. Everyday you ask
"Did you talk to Paul?" and everyday you get the same answer
You and John are sitting down for dinner and as you take a bite of your food you feel something moving inside. You make all kinds of strange faces and you keep your hand glued to your mouth too keep it in. John looks up from his plate & sees you in distress
"Honey are you OK?" he asks, kneeling next to you. You shake you head no, then you spring up from your chair. You rush to the bathroom and shoot your head into the toilet bowl. You dinner doesn't look to charming now. John comes and rubs you back. He looks at you with a face that says he's worried about you.
"What happened?" John asks with a concerned tone.
You shrug and you throw your head back in the toilet. Then you feel dizzy, like you are going to pass out any moment
"John" you whisper
"Yes (your name)" he says holding you. There is no response. He starts to shake you. You won't move. Your eyes are closed and your body is looser than a rag doll
"(your name)?!" he cries over and over. After a few minuets John rushes you to a hospital. He can't be in the room with you until a doctor gives him an OK. John paces back and forth in the waiting room and if he did it any more he would have made a hole in the floor. John decides to call The Beatles to help him. He calls Ringo, no answer. He calls George, no answer. Then he reluctantly calls Paul, he picks up
"Hello?" he answers
"Paul, it's John. Man, i know were not on the best terms but I need you now" He says at a mile a minuet
"Sure mate. I'll be over at, where are you?" Paul replies
"The hospital"
"I'll be right there" he says. Paul hangs up the phone and is there for John.

Paul- Fool On The Hill

It's not a far drive to Paul's house. You walk up the drive way, and into his terrace house. You look around his house, and to no surprise, it's beautiful. It is in pristine condition, like it should be in a museum.
"So, home sweet home" Paul says from behind you
"Your house is beautiful" you mutter to him.
"Thanks. Let me give you a tour" he says, grabbing your hand. He grabs it a little tight and it bothers you a bit, but it also feels like he wants to be with you, and he loves you. He walks you through his house, and you are still stunned at how beautiful it is. You didn't think any man was this neat. Then Paul brings you back down stairs
"So what do you want to do?" he asks as he puts his arm around you. You shrug your shoulders. Then Paul flips on the TV. Help! is on. After you sit there for a while Paul moves closer to you. Then he starts kissing your neck. You start to feel REALLY uncomfortable. You slink away from him
"can you stop it Paul? I want to watch this" you say looking for an excuse to make him stop.
"What's the matter (You name)? Don't you like me?" Paul asks
"yes I like you but-" Paul cuts you off before you can finish your sentence by kissing you. You push him off of you
"Paul stop it!" you shout at him, but he continues to grab at you
"Paul I said stop it!" you shout even louder and push him away with all your might.
"What's wrong (your name)?"
"I just don't want to do this!" you shriek "I have to go" you say and run out the door
"How are you going to get home?" he screams out the door. It's dangerous late at night!" but you can't hear him because you're a ways down the street. You reach home safely after a very creepy walk and you go to your room and cry :'(

George- Doctor Robert

After you talk to the doctor, you stumble out of the office & run to George. You throw your self into his arms.
"So what happened?" he asks
You can barely speak but you manage to whisper "I am you know"
George looks like he was just sent into shock. He runs his hands through his hair and lets out a sigh. You start to cry a little bit. You can't believe this is happening to you. George sees your tears & holds you tighter
"Everything's going to be alright" he says as he rubs you back
"Well what am I supposed to do George?" you sob
"I think you mean 'we' and I don't know but we'll find a way to fix this" he says. George is the sweetest man you have ever met
"Don't worry I won't leave you" he says to you "Let's go" he says taking you hand and walking back to the car. You stumble into the car and sit down. George gets in and looks at you
"Don't worry dear, we WILL get through this" he reassures you. You smile back at him and wipe your face with your sleeve. As you dive home you feel it moving around
"Pull over!" you yell. You roll down the window and puke up move colorful, lovely looking things. George gets out and walks over to your side
"that's some kid" George giggles trying to break the awkwardness. You laugh back and eventually pull yourself together
"I love you" you say to George
"I love you too"

Ringo- Got To Get You Into My Life

When you wake up you smile when you see that Ringo is next to you
"Good morning Ring" you greet him
"Good morning" he says groggily. You just love seeing him with you
"I really love you (your name)" he says and gives you a peck
"And I love you too Ringo" you reply. You can't help but smile at him.You decide to turn on the TV. The first thing you see sends you into shock
"Ringo Starr was seen with a mystery girl in a park yesterday and no one has seen him since" a reporter says. "We came in contact with John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney and they had this to say"
"Ringo is our best friend and we won't comment on anything we don't know about"
That makes you feel a little relieved that nothing was said so far. You look over to Ringo and he has the same expression as you
"wow" he says breaking the silence
"I'm sorry Ringo" you say
"No you don't have to be. It's more my fault more than anything. We shouldn't have gone somewhere so public" he says wanting to take the blame "but I don't think it matters" he says
You lift your head up and look at him, being a little confused "Why?"
"If we love each other I don't care if the press follows me everywhere. I'm more worried about them getting to you" he says with worry in his big blue eyes
"I'm going to go to Abbey Road for a bit. I need to talk to George, John and Paul. I'll be back as soon as I can" he says and gives you a kiss on the cheek. He leaves you house and after five minuets you miss him. A few hours later he comes back with three other people behind him

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