ur harry potter luv story(part 1)!

ur harry potter luv story(part 1)!

Chapter 1

ur new friend!

ur on ur first day at hogwarts' school for witches and wizards. u look around 4 some1 familiar...and u spot harry potter! u hav heard so much about him, u hav 2 talk 2 him.
so u walk over, calm and collected on the surface, FREAKIN on the inside!u blurt what ur thinkin about him, which happens 2 b, "OMG! ur harry potter right? i hav heard so much about u! can i hang out with u plz?" and then ur face blazes crimson from sayin that!
but hes blushin 2! he asks, " u hav heard about me?" u tell him "of cors i hav! who hasnt?"
he tells u of cors u can hang out and introduces u 2 his other frnds, ron weasley and hermoine grainger. u feel a surge of jealousy at her, but notice the way ron eyes her. u begin 2 feel better. u look over 2 c harry...staring at u intently with his lily green eyes!!!
u giggle, then feel stupid for doing so. but he smiles, and u feel a surge of warmth.
as u walk 2 the castle, he chats with u & tells u all about his awful muggle family. "thats awful!" u exclaim, "how could they b so cruel 2 some1 as nice as u?" and blush again for babbling around him. but he just smiles again.
but b4 he can say anything, one of the professors calls all of the students in2 the gr8 hall.
harry stnads nxt 2 u the whole time.ur heart starts 2 pound, and ur knees feel weak as u see all the other students staring at u.
u wait as the other students get sorted, praying fervently that u will not b in slytherin, and that u will b in the same house as harry. then the professor calls, "polly, amanda" and u walk slowly forward, wanting to turn and sprint in the opposite direction. u hear the students murmuring, but cant make out what they r saying. and then, as soon as the hat touches ur head, it shouts, "GRYFFINDOR!!" u yank the hat off, relieved, and run to the table. harry is next, and he seems to take 4ever 2 sort. ur heart starts 2 sink as it talks about how gr8 he could b in slytherin, and ur stomach feels hollow. then u feel immediately better when it yells loud and clear, "GRYFFINDOR!!!" u clap and scream and cheer along with evry1 else as harry pulls the hat off and runs 2 sit by u. ur stomach is now full of butterflies, he is so close...

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