Emo Love Part 1

Emo Love Part 1

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Chapter 1

New School

I walk into my new school into the office and I ask for my dorm room key. I start walking I’m already half way there and I forgot to ask who my roommate was I didn’t really care so I kept walking till I got to my dorm. I see tons of people. I walk up the stairs to my dorm with my bags. I open the door with my key I walk in and put my stuff down and look up to this really cute emo boy he looks up and smiles at me he stands up and shakes my hand “I’m Alex are you new here?” I shake my head yes he asks “what is your name?” “I’m __ .” I said blushing. “So __ let me see your class list.” I hand Alex my list and sit down on the bed “ Guess what _ we have all the same classes together” I smile. I look around and see there is only one bed. Alex knows what I’m thinking he said “ This cheap school is short on beds so we have to share if that is ok with you?” “ Just make sure you stay on your side” I say winking. He smiles and winks back. (Sunday 11:45 pm.) “We better get ready for bed.” I said to Alex. Alex walks in the bathroom with his boxers and says “Ill be out in a minute I got to change.” I nod and lay back on the bed think how cute Alex is. I hear Alex walk out the bathroom I sit up and grab my pajamas and walk into the bathroom and close the door behind me. I put my hair up and take off my eyeliner and change quickly into my pajamas and take my shoes off I walk out into the room I see Alex watching TV I smile and sit next to him. I can see him in the corner of my eye looking at me and then I as him “What are you looking at.” He said “You.” then he looks away “Ok.” I say watching the TV “I’m going to bed night Alex.” He said “Ok night _.” I get under the covers and close my eyes. (Monday 6:32 am.) I get up and see Alex on the floor I kick him he don’t wake up so I go to the bathroom and get a cup of water I walk over to Alex kick him one more time he still don’t get up so I pour half the cup of water on him he jumps up and glares at me I start laughing “Sorry but its time for school.” I walk to my bag of clothes I still didn’t put away and grabbed a Black Veil Brides shirt and black skinny jeans and walk over to the bathroom and walk in close the door behind me and I start to change and hear Alex singing Paramore: Ignorance I finish changing and putting eyeliner on and walk out he looks up at me still singing “I love your hair.” I look at my hair it’s a mess I forgot to do it so I quickly brush it while Alex goes into the bathroom I’m finally done with my hair and I peek into the bathroom he is getting his hair to do that flippy thing T.B.C

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