love of the Marauders!! (a young Sirius Black love story)

love of the Marauders!! (a young Sirius Black love story)

hey guys I was looking through the stories on here and I couldn't find many to do with the young marauders so i decided to make some. this one is about sirius black but I will also write one for james and one for remus so you can find them on my profile.

hope you enjoy it and i love comments so a lot would be appreciated!! thnx plz plz plz comment!!

Chapter 1

Hogwarts express

Your P.O.V.

"__! COME ON WE'RE GOING TO MISS THE TRAIN!" my idiotic brother shouted up the stairs at me. "I'M COMING!" I shouted back running down the stairs. today was my first day at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and I was so excited! my best friend James was meeting me on the platform and I couldn't wait to see him. he was my best friend but because his family went on holiday this year I hadn't seen him since school. as i walked into the living room I saw my mother smiling extremely widely so I put my arms up in front of me so she wouldn't hug me to death. I went over to the fire place and grabbed a handful of floo powder and saying "kings cross station" very loud and clearly. I was being spun around so fast that when I got to the other end and got out i accidently tripped over my own feet. (I wasn't used to traveling this way.) someone caught me as I fell and helped me back up. "are you okay?" asked a very familiar voice. once I got my eyes un-blurred I say James' smiling face. "JAMES" I screeched rapping my arms around him to give him the biggest hug. "hey, _. nice to see you too" he said half laughing. "hey, Potter who's your girlfriend?" asked a boy walking towards us with longish black hair and a huge spreading across his face when I let go of James. "this is my best friend _" he answered putting emphasis on the 'friend'. the boy smiled even wider and looked at me. "hi I'm Sirius Black" he said holding out his hand. "_ ___" I said taking it and expecting him to shake my hand but instead he kissed it and I heard James laugh slightly. I take back my hand and glare at James. "one of your friends?" I asked nodding towards Sirius. he nodded and smiled. "shall we get a compartment or what?" asked James and both me and Sirius nodded. we got onto the train and found an empty compartment so the three of us sat down. we talked and laughed all the way to school and I couldn't help noticing that Sirius was trying to flirt, trying but not quite succeeding. Half way through the train ride a boy named Remus Lupin walked in and asked if he could sit with us, I said yes and he sat next to me. we found out that he was really kind, sweet and also really funny. we all had become really good friends by the time we got to the castle and we all shared a boat up to the front doors and that was funny cause Sirius fell in the lake while trying to make me fall in.

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