Justin Bieber? Dude. No. (girls only)(part 9)

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~~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

Logan Lermen. talk about yumilicous!

"this is jasmine. my girlfriend!" he said. and i fainted.

JUST KIDDING! i didn't faint but i felt like i did. instead i just said hello and went to get a drink. i got a nice raspberry lemonade sparkle. weird but delicious! then someone tapped me on the shoulder. "excuse me, but you dropped this." someone said to me. i turned around and there stood Logan lermen. i almost dropped my drink. i looked at the paper in his hand. "i dont think thats mine." i said. "it is now." he said and winked. i blushed and reached for the piece of paper. i opened it and saw it had his number on it. "weird. someone wrote a phone number on it! but no name. maybe i should text them and see who it is!" i said and before he could do anything i had my phone out and was texting this ' someone'. i sent the message and then logan's phone started ringing. he blushed and pulled his phone out and read the text. it said:
logan, i'm free tomorrow night ;) Paige
he smiled and said he'd pick me up at 8. and walked away.

~ JB's POV ~
i was talking to Jasmine, Chaz, and Lucy when i spotted Logan Lermen talking to Paige. he handed her a piece of paper and she texted him. he so just gave her his number! how could he?? she is mine! wait....no she isn't. jasmines mine. why did my face do that when i said that? m face pretty much....dropped. weird. jasmine is hot and has a good voice. but paige....paige is gorgeous, funny, talented, unique, and just plain amazing. she always suprises me. i love her. WOW! where did that come from. i saw them talk and her blush and then he walked away. she walked back. i kissed jasmines cheek and listened to her.
i was so zoned out i didnt even notice when Paige left the group. "Lucy, where's paige?" i asked. "she went home like 20 minutes ago." she said. my heart dropped and i was sad the rest of the night.

~ next morning. Paige's POV ~
I was walking to the park with Missy. I saw Christian, Justin, and.....Jasmine. Why do i hate her? She's so annoying. Her voice drives me insane. Ugh. I sat down on the park bench next to Missy and Christian. My phone made a ding noise saying I had a text so I pulled my phone from my pocket and saw who texted. A smile instantly spread across my face. It was Logan.
~ Convo ~
L: hey :)
P: hey :)
L: whatcha doin?
P: park w/ JB, Missy, Chris, and Jasmine :/
L: gotcha. Fun. What are you guys talking about??
P: I have no clue ;)
L: haha.
P: what are YOU doing?
L: waiting for the premiere times.
P: Ooh fancy :)
L: haha :) ur cute
P: Aww! Thanks :)
L: so the premiere is at 8 tomorrow. Pick you up at 7:30??
P: definitely!! So excited!
L: sorry P I gtg. C u tonight ;)
P: c ya!
~ end of Convo ~
I smiled and put away my phone to realize jasmine was gone and Missy Chris and Justin were all walking back from the water fountain.

~ JB's POV ~
I saw Missy and Paige walk up. I looked between Paige and jasmine. They were so different. Especially their clothes. ( Paige and jasmines outfits: http://www.polyvore.com/paige_jasmine_decision/set?id=28512794) Paige was so perfect I knew what I had to do. Paige starting testing someone and I dragged jasmine towards the fountain. "jasmine listen I like you a lot..." I said but she cut me off. "but you love Paige. I get it Justin I see how you look at her. I hope you guys end up okay." she said and smiled. She walked away and Missy and Chris came to talk to me. "what was that about?" they asked me. Could I trust them??


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