Different, Faster, Stronger; Yet You Win Every Time(Sequal)

Sequal to Sand Kills In Silence But So Does A Uchiha

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Chapter 2


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I jumped back gripping my kunai harder. This wasn't the Sasuke I knew at the Chunnin Exams. The Sasuke I knew had lively eyes. Now they fill of sadness, and depression. Death. I jumped in the air and threw three kunai's in mid air followed by six senbon needles. His sword deflected them all. I did a few habdsigns and shouted. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Five shadow clones stood beside me. Sasuke still had no emotion on his face. "Lets teach this missing nin how we leaf ninja never give up." We said in unison as we started doing more handsigns. "Water Style; Jiant Vortex Jutsu!" Me and my clones shouted. A ball of large water formed infront of me and headed toward Sasuke. He jumped up and aimed his sword once more down at me. I dodged and made another clone. Five clones gathered around him including me while the sixths hid in the trees waiting for my signal. Sasuke raised his sword slashing threw all my clones. They poofed away. I jumped out of the way only to get out with a minor cut across my abdomen. I gave my remaining clone the signal. She jumped out of the branch. Before she could even reach him Sasuke held his blade up in the air without looking. I held the part of my stomache that was cut and starred at Sasuke. "This is how your going to bring me back to the village? Pathetic." His right hand started to form electric visible chakra. Chidori. My eyes widened at the sight. I had witnessed it three years ago when Sasuke and Naruto fought. "This is the end." Sasuke charged at me. Before I could react his hand plunged threw my stomach. I caughed up a chunk of blood before my body went limp.

Third Person

Orenoti's eyes closed. Sasuke watched as the life from her face soon faded. Was this the end? All of a sudden a dark purple chakra covered Noti. Sasuke snatched his hand away from the intensity of the indigo colored chakra. Her curse mark turned a firery red as it secured itself across her body. The wound in Noti's stomach was healed. Noti's eyes opened once more. they were a light purple with a black slitin the middle as a pupil The chakra soon thickened forming a cloak covering Noti's body. SHe was on all four growling at the raven. He stepped back slightly. Sasuke had never witnessed the power Noti had. He didn't even get to see her fight during the Chunnin Exams. Shock filled his eyes before quickly regaining his composure. Orenoti growled at him. Her lip curled upword showing off her newly formed fangs. Her nails were now claws that scrached the earth warning Sasuke of her about to charge. The raven stood his ground. Orenoti leaped toward him before reappearing behind. Sasuke swung his sword at her only to miss by cenimeters. Orenoti jumped up and bit Sasuke's shoulder. "Gaaah!" Sasuke fell back slightly droping his sword in the process. The two shinobi's were now face to face. Sasuke starred into Noti's now lilac eyes. She pulled on Sasuke's shirt raising her free hand. Just when Noti was about to finish this a stabbing pain struck her neck. Noti fell off of Sasuke and rolled onto her back screaming in pain. the curse mark that was once spread around her body pulled back into the small section of her neck. Out of the shadows a snake had apeared. "Tsk. Tsk. I leave you here all by your self and this is what I get. Such a disapointment." His snake like eyes wandered over to Noti who screamed in pain. Just by his presence it sent the curse mark crazy. The snake made his way over to the girl analyzing every little detail about her. "Its been a while, hasn't it, Noti." the snake caressed her cheek before Orenoti slapped his hand away. "Orochimaru!" She hissed at th demon. His snake like eyes seemed to lit up somewhat. "Lord Orochimaru." The puppy dog that took Noti's place showed himself also. His black eyes shone in the sun as grey hair was kept in a ponytail. Circular glasses covered his eyes. He wore a dark purple shirt with a white undershirt and a white obi around his waist worn at an angle. He had on dark purple pants and a shuriken holster on his right leg. "Ahhh. Kabuto. Treat Noti's wounds. She may be of sum use to us." Noti couldn't object. The curse mark rendered her to moe or speak. Kabuto made his way over to Noti caustiously. With one graceful movement he held Orenoti bridal style.They entered the cabin quietly. Kabuto opened a secret passage way. They each went in one by one. Only their footsteps could be heard throughout the passage. Noti had passed out before she could see anymore.

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