Different, Faster, Stronger; Yet You Win Every Time(Sequal)

Sequal to Sand Kills In Silence But So Does A Uchiha

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Chapter 13

Alternate Ending!

My brown yes looked around my room. All I wanted to do today was stay in my room. I just feel awful. Gaara just confessed that he loves me. I thought looking out my window. But Sasuke had loved me before. Right? I sat up and looked down at the fallen photo album. It still layed on the ground from the night before. I turned my legs to the side of the bed and stood up. Staggering my way to the book, my brown eyes caught a flash of something pale. I grabbed the book and starrd at him. Why has he came back?

"Orochimaru sent me for you." Sasuke claimed studying my gaze.

"I don't wanna go back there." I folded my arms over my chest like a stubborn child. I never want to se that snake again. Surprisingly, he knows I'm alive.

"You're coming. It's not an option." He grabbed my arm forcefully. Before I could process what was happening I appeared in a candle lit room underground and alone.

"Damn you, Uchiha." I curse glarring at the snake patterned walls. I watched as a small glimpse of light shined from the door grew bigger.

"I see Sasuke didn't have any trouble finding you." I glanced at the man who spoke before me before starring off at the ground.

/Last night. . . / My thoughts trailed off.

Sasuke . . . . Anger boiled inside me as my eyes glossed over in tears. I clenched my fists in rage. My teeth gritted together.

Last night he used me. He only did that to come close to me and lower my guard. I had to admit. It hurt. I can't believe I fell for it!

I could feel Kabuto's eyes on me the whole time. I sat on the bed and held the sides of my head. I closed my eyes as I felt a presence come closer.

"What's wrong, Noti?" I looked into his dark eyes. It hurt to speak his name. The one who made me feel like this.

"Nothing." I said looking back down. I could feel something wipe away my remaining tears.

"Is this nothing?" Kabuto asked showing my his tear stained thumb. I chuckled slightly.

"I guess not, Kabuto."

He gave me a small smile before pushing up his glasses. "Sasuke would like to see you at the training grounds soon. Hopefully he's not in a bad mood." I frowned, but then smiled. My last fight with Sasuke was a total failure. This time, I'm gonna show him exactly how a real kunoichi fights. In the dresser across from me Kabuto had told me that he left some extra clothes for my arrival. After taking a shower I dressed in a black short skirt and a long sleeve white shirt. I pulled up my red capris under my skirt before zipping up my black vest. After putting on some black fighting gloves I slipped in my knee length ninja sandals and walked with Kabuto to the training grounds.

Once Kabuto left I glarred at Sasuke. His cold onyx eyes bore holes into my brown ones. "You tricked me." I said twirling a kunai on my finger. I gripped the kunai. "An now you're gonna pay!" I appeareed behind him and slashed my kunai through his back. Just like I had expected, he had used a Shadow Clone. I did a few handsigns before turning around and kicking Sasuke in the gut. The force of my kick pushed him back right where I wanted him. My shadow Clone appeared behind him and held his arm behind his back. As my clone occupied him in hand to hand combat I pulled out a paper bomb and attached it to my kunai. Hot breathe breathed down my neck. I gasped. "Did you really think I would get caught in you trap?" I threw the kunai over my shoulder and flipped away from the explosion. My clone had been destroyed. I backed up against hard bolder bahind me as the clone and Sasuke came closer. Minutes into the fight we were both panting from exhaustion. I fell on the cold ground and looked up at the moon lit night. We had been training almost all evening. I could hear the sound of Approaching footsteps before a panting Sasuke fell beside me.

"Noti." He said. I didn't look at him. "I never tricked you." I still didn't look at him. "Why would I crush the heart of the girl I love?" I starred back at him wide eyed. A faint pink rose upon his cheeks. I smiled up at him. I scooted closer to Sasuke. He wrapped his arms around my small frame. "Once I get rid of Orochimaru and kill Itachi I promise I'll never leave your side. We'll even be able to raise a family together." My smile turned into a full out grin at the thought.

"I would love that." He placed a hand on my cheek and I held it there. Moments after looking into his eyes I leaned in. Paaion filled the air as our lips connected. My hand ran through his black hair as his lips massaged mine. I pulled away and rested my head on his.

"I love you Sasuke Uchiha." I muttered closing my eyes. I could o longer feel Sasuke next to me. Instead, that feeling was replaced with two arms carrying me bridal style back to my room. Sasue layed me on my bed and kissed me on my cheek softly.

"I love you too." He whispered in my ear before joining me in bed. That night I slept in peace, with no nightmares. With Sasuke's arm around me I felt safe. I cuddled close to him as the candle light blew out.

"I never thought love could be defined until now. Here in your arms. I am love"

Just thought I'd add the quote in there for fun. Well, here's what you've all been waiting for! Tell me what you think in the comments! I might start another Sasuke love stor, but I'm not sure. Or an Itachi love story. Anyway, comment if you think I should start another one. Thank god this story is done. Thanks for reading it. Bye!

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