Different, Faster, Stronger; Yet You Win Every Time(Sequal)

Sequal to Sand Kills In Silence But So Does A Uchiha

Orenoti Pic :


Chapter 11


Who should Noti end up with?

Gaara- The one she's been with and known throughout her whole life, making him feel like a real person instead of the demon he thought he was.


Sasuke- The one Orenoti met three years ago, but had changed her life completely. He knows the pain of the curse mark and it's power. They just didn't choose the same path. Maybe that will change.....

To vote, please comment stating the one you want Noti to end up with.

Just for a bonus : Comment yes or no if I should make an alternate ending for the one Noti didn't end up with.

Remember - *Comment or else I won't write the next chapter. This is really important!*

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