Different, Faster, Stronger; Yet You Win Every Time(Sequal)

Sequal to Sand Kills In Silence But So Does A Uchiha

Orenoti Pic :


Chapter 1

Lost & Found

It had been three years since Sasuke left. Orenoti spent most of her days on B and A ranked missions. She's been out on one for 6 months. Over that time Gaara became Kazakage. There was still no word of Sasuke. The day Sasuke left was the day Noti changed. Although she never let it show, she was hurting inside. Missions filled her mind rather than Sasuke. A few weeks after New Year terrible new was sent to The Village Hidden In The Sand. "She's what!?!" Gaara yelled in anger as his fist slamed on his mohogany desk. The medical ninja bowed his head. "I'm sorry, Kazakage-sama, but Konato ni Orenoti's body was found just borders away from The Village Hidden In The Sound. We believe there may have been an ambush." "I want a full on investigation!" Gaara barked. The young ninja nodded and scurried away. Gaara collapsed back at his desk feeling as if his heart was just crushed. Is Orenoti really dead? Gaara looked at all the paper work scattered on his desk. Being Kazekage was a full-time job, but Gaara needed time to himself. Without another glance, he stood up and walked out. Gaara walked through the streets of Suna in silence. When Gaara reached his house there waas no emotion in him at all. His heart had drowned when that horrible new came. "Whats up, bro?" Kankuro said as he noticed Gaara sulk his way to the couch. "How was your day?" Temari asked. She was in the kichen cooking spaghetti. Kankuro was watching. His face paint was off at the moment so you could see his peach colored face and light brown hair. Gaara stayed quiet. Not wanting to talk about work. He leaned his head on his right hand. How could this have happened?

A girl with dark brown hair and light brown eyes searched through the forest. she had been ambushed only moments ago before the ninja's disappeared. They had taken the life of her teammates. You must want to know just exactly who this girl is. She was torn between two and still is. The young Ninja picked upp speed as she heard a branch crack. The wind whipped around her wildly. She had been sent to the Sound Village to find Sasuke once again. there was just one difference. This time she was a Chunnin. In about a year she would be a Jounin and llead her own team. About 50 meters later the same girl hid behind the huge root of a tree that layed infront of a cabin. Beads of sweat fell down her face. Across the root stood a boy with Onyx eyes. His hair moved with the wind. He was pale like always. The loosely wrapped up jacket showed off parts of his well-tone chest. A sword layed in its case that was strapped around his waist. Loose black pants covered the rest of him and stopped at his ninja sandals. The young girl knew that face. That was the face she fell in love with. He still left though. "Come out, Noti." She wasn't in eyesights of the boy since she had hidden. Noti stood. Her tall structure had changed throughout the years. Curves formed on her body within the three year she had matured. The light almond brown hair that reached her back was now a few inches past her waist. Her kunai pouch was placed on her right thigh over her red shorts. Her top was a firery red with black outlines. The ninja sandals she worn never changed. "Nice to see you, Sasuke." Noti said glarring slightly at the raven she once knew. "Its been a while, hasn't it?" Orenoti smirked. "By the Hokage and Kazakage, you are ordered to return to the leaf village. Are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?" Noti and Sasuke stood there starring eachother down. At that moment Sasuke had choosen. Sparks flew as Orenoti's kunai clashed with Sasuke's sword. Wrong choice.

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