My Reason For Tears

My Reason For Tears

Sarah had a perfect life. She had it all. Her parents had money, she had many friends, though not all were loyal, anything she wanted was at the tips of her fingers. This is her story, of how it all came crashing down.

Chapter 1

Just The Beginning

"Mom!" I called, as I ran down the stairs, my fingers trailing on the finely polished, wooden railing.

"Yes dear?" she called from her study. I walked in and saw her doing the same as she always was. Her reading glasses halfway down her nose and her nose snuggled deeply in a book.

"I need more money. Reece and I are going to the movies." I told her, standing in the doorway.

"Is your father home?" she asked, not glancing in my direction as her eyes followed along with the words that were written on the page.

"No. He left an hour ago." I informed her. Dad was a doctor, and was barely ever home.

"My purse is hanging on the doorknob of my room. Take only what you need." she instructed, peeking up to look at my face. I nodded my head and left her to her novel.

Before I continue, I should probably tell you a bit about myself. My name is Sarah Kingsley. I am eighteen years old. My parents are rich and I have everything I want. I have great friends, but I wish I had a boyfriend. I see no need to move out when I have a perfect place to live, and I do not need to go anywhere. Do you need anything else? I think not.

I jogged back up the stairs and walked down the long corridor to my mother and father's room. I walked in and went to her closet, looking on the doorknob. I grabbed her purse. I took out her Coach wallet and took out two one-hundred dollar bills. Sliding the wallet back in her purse, I walked out of their room, closing the door behind me. I walked to my room and looked at what I was wearing. I had on a sparkly gold tanktop with a low-dip front, and black skinny jeans. I made sure my silky black hair was perfectly straight and checked my makeup.

"I look good." I admired myself in the mirror. I grabbed my little wallet and slipped the bills in, sliding it in my back pocket along with my iPhone. I trotted back down the stairs, throwing a quick goodbye to her.

"Oh yeah. I'm sleeping over at Reece's house, too" I mentioned as I was about to go out the door.

"Okay. Goodbye sweety." she said, but her voice was muffled through the thick wooden door. I opened up the garage door and opened up the door to my Buggati Veyron (Look it up. It's the worlds most expensive car and is amazingly fast.) I got in a and revved the ignition, enjoying the roar it made. I smiled to myself and leaned back against my seat, changing gear and backing out of the driveway before speeding down the highway.

I sped inbetween traffic, laughing at the cussing and honks of irritation. I slowed when I reached the entrance to Reece's subdivision. She wasn't as rich as I was, but was definently richer than the rest of the people that I know, so I made her my best friend. I wound my way down the curving streets, looking for the turn onto her family's estate.

"Sarah!" she called from the front door as I got out and closed my door. I made sure to lock it and put the keys in my pocket.

"Hey Reece!" I called as I walked along the rose boarders walkway.

"What are we doing tonight?" she asked. I was the descision maker.

"Were going to Rumors." I told her. Rumors was the most popular night club around here; and everyone was going to be there tonight.

"Okay." she said a bit reluctantly. I knew she wouldn't l;ike the idea, but she would go along with it. Reece is a bit of a goody-two shoes. She dosent drink, dosent dirty dance, dosent swear, all that kind of stuff. I didn't mind, but tonight, I was ready to have a fun time.

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