My Broken Heart- A Kindom Hearts story

"My heart.. It's broken, isn't it?" This is about a girl that finds her meaning of existance, falls in love, and then loses it all. All in one place.
This is my Kingdom Hearts story. If you're looking for a happy ending, you've come to the wrong place.

Chapter 9

Chapter 8

by: DemDemxD
Is this…Am I dreaming or something? Or did that really just happen?
I still stood in the same place that I had been when that guy had been here, staring at the spot where he had disappeared. I was still trying to wrap my head around everything that had just happened.
First and foremost, my hands lit up on fire. Which, last time I checked, was impossible. Especially since there was no damage on my hands, no burns, nothing. I was still amazed by that. Secondly, some strange guy in an all black coat showed up and somehow put the fire out with water that just suddenly appeared. Then he starts blabbering on about things I don’t really understand. Then he disappears into darkness.
I shook my head and sighed deeply, “Risilla, you’re going insane.” I hit my forehead with my hand. I started walking down the street again, walking around the spot where he had disappeared.
“Huh?” I turned around to see Aislinn standing about thirty metres down the road, waving her arms rapidly above her head. I smiled and gave a small wave. She was always so cheerful.
She ran over to me and once she reached where I stood, she was huffing, trying to catch her breathe. She bent over and put her hands on her knees.
I chuckled, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah…Just…Fine.” She said in between gasps of breath. She then stood up straight and frowned at me.
I gave her a puzzled look, “What?”
“I looked everywhere for you!”
I laughed, “Well, didn’t you think I’d be going home?”
She put her hand on my shoulder and we started walking down the street once again. “So who was that guy you were with?”
“W-what?” She smirked and I almost face palmed. Please, don’t tell me.
“I saw you, with a guy,” She said in a singsong voice.
I groaned loudly. She always saw everything. I couldn’t get anything past her. “Trust me; it’s definitely not what you think.”
“Really? I hope not. ‘Cause it got me thinking that you’re in some kind of secret relationship with some guy you haven’t told me about.”
I stared at her, wide eyed. “Well then, it’s definitely not what you think.”
I guess I could kind of understand why she thought that. I have never dated, at all. It just doesn’t seem important right now and I had plenty of time to date guys and whatever. Now just wasn’t the right time for me.
“Okay then,” I gave her a side glance and saw that she still had that smirk on her face. “tell me then, what exactly was it?”
I opened my mouth to tell her everything that had happened. The fire, the guy-all of it. But instead, I just closed my mouth again. I’d just sound like a lunatic if I told her. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I mumbled.
Aislinn sighed over-dramatically and turned her face to look at me, Silly. Little. Risilla.” With each of those words, she poked me in the arm. She then tsked, “You really should know by now…” She lifted my right arm up and shoved it in my face. She pointed to my charm bracelet with her other hand, “What’s that?”
“A bracelet?”
“What kind of bracelet?”
“A friendship bracelet.”
“And who gave it to you?”
“You did.”
She let my hand drop, “Right. We are best friends, Risilla. We have been for years.” She stopped walking and grabbed my arm, stopping me as well. I turned to her and raised my eyebrow. She placed her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes seriously. “You can tell me anything. I promise I will believe you.”
I sighed and looked away, “Okay.”
She let go of my shoulders and we started walking again. “Alrighty then, spill the goss. What happened? I wanna hear everything.”
“Well, uh… My hands exploded.”
She glanced down at my hands and studied them for a moment, then looked up at my face again. “Really? Because they look perfectly fine to me.”
I shook my head roughly, “No, I mean they were on fire…”
I then told her everything that had happened, in detail. She listened without saying a word; she would just occasionally nod her head. Once I’d finished, she had a smile on her face.
“What? You think it’s funny?
“No, it’s just- I think that guy likes you.” I saw her smile widen.
“What?! I tell you all of that, all the strange things that happened, and you think about that?” I sighed. That’s just typical Aislinn.
“Well of course!” She laughed a little, and then groaned. “This is my street.”
“Oh yeah,”
She started walking in the direction of her house, when she turned around and shouted out, “Don’t forget to call me when you get home!”
“Alright,” I said, giving her a small wave.
I continued walking down the opposite street. My house wasn’t too far away now. I hadn’t taken more than a few steps, when I heard a voice from behind me; “Well, well. You’ve grown up quite a bit, haven’t you?”
I turned around to see who had spoken, and saw another man in a black coat, with his hood up over his head. I already knew it wasn’t the same guy as before, because he sounded different- he sounded older.
“Who are you? What are you talking about?” I looked past him to se if there was anyone else with him. There was no one. “Are you with that other guy? Are you-“ I scanned my brain, trying to remember the name. “X-Xemnas? Or whatever it is...”
He laughed loudly, and I took a step back. This wasn’t good.
“Questions, questions. Oh, so many questions!” He appeared in front of me abruptly and I yelped. He poked my nose, “All from one young lady.”
I pushed his hand away from my face and took a few steps backwards, getting the slight feeling of déjà vu. Great. This guy is a heck of a lot worse than the other. At least the other guy wasn’t threatening, and this man can, what? Teleport? That’s just what I need right now.
“Y’know, I’ve been watching over you, along with a few others, for quite a while now.”
“What? You mean… You’ve been spying on me?!”
He waved his hand in the air, “As if! We’ve been protecting you. There’s a difference. Now, if you just come with me-“
“No!” I shouted out, cutting him off. “I’m not going anywhere with you, you freak!”
“That’s not very nice. You better learn some respect, girl.” He tsked and shook his head. “Bad manners aren’t going to get you anywhere.” He chuckled, apparently finding that funny, while I was desperately trying to figure out how I was going to get away from him. He pretty much had me cornered. I was on the edge of the sidewalk, with a house right behind me. I could only go left or right, but if I went either way, he could easily stop me- he had the advantage. Damn it! I thought, while he was still laughing. Maybe I should just distract him, then make a run for it. It wasn’t very good, but at least it was a plan.
“Why are you here? What do you want?”
He started chuckling again, and I wanted to throw something at him. He was already starting to get on my nerves. “Answer me!” I demanded.
He stopped laughing, “As if! I’m not tellin’ you anything!”
“At least tell me who you are!”
“Oh? You don’t remember? We’ve met before.”
I scoffed and folded my arms against my chest, “Unlikely. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen you around.”
“That’s a shame.” He pulled off his hood, and I gasped a little. The first thing I noticed were his eyes. Well, his right had an eye patch on it, but his left was yellow. Yellow. He also had a large scar along his left cheek and black hair with grey streaks, tied back into a ponytail and he had pointed ears. Despite seeing him, I still couldn’t remember meeting him. After all, I’d never seen an elf before.
“You remember now?” He said, with a smirk on his face.
“Well, you were just a little munchkin.”
So I was a kid? I didn’t even remember seeing him once. But.. there was that man that.. “Oh!”
“Ahh… You remember?”
“I think so.”

I wandered through the halls, getting the feeling I had already been this way already. I sighed and slumped back against a wall. I was lost.
“Well, well. What do we have here?”
I turned my head and saw a man standing a few metres away from me. I had the feeling I was going to get in trouble for being in here.
“I-I’m looking for my friends. I saw them come in here.”
He took a few steps towards me, “As if! No one gets into the castle. Speaking of which, how did you get here?” He poked my nose and I brushed his hand away. I rubbed my nose, “I walked through the front door, silly.”
“Well, Dilan and Aeleus are probably ‘escorting’ your friends out of the castle- if they managed to get in. So it’s time for you to leave too, missy.”
I pouted, “Fine.” He roughly grabbed my arm and started to lead my out of the castle.

“You… You’re the one that threw me out of the castle!”
“You weren’t meant to be there in the first place, and I didn’t ‘throw’ you out of the castle.”
I sighed and started tapping my foot- something I did when I started loosing patience. “So, what is the point of you being here, again?”
“Well,” He started walking towards me, and I took another step back, now realizing I didn’t have any room left. One more step and I’d have my back to the house. So he now stood about a foot in front of me, and he continued talking, “I was ordered, by our leader, to bring to you where you belong.”
“I belong here.”
He smirked. “That’s what you think.”
I was starting to get nervous. He could easily grab me from his position. So I came up with a stupid idea, that had a ten percent chance of working.
I stared at something over his shoulder, with wide eyes, and pointed at a random spot- which was hard to do since he was standing so close. “What the hell is that?!”
He turned his head to look at the imaginary thing, “What is what-?”
I quickly pushed past him and made a run for it, glad that it had worked.
“Hey!” I heard him call out.
I continued running down the street even though the footsteps behind me were obvious.

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