My Broken Heart- A Kindom Hearts story

"My heart.. It's broken, isn't it?" This is about a girl that finds her meaning of existance, falls in love, and then loses it all. All in one place.
This is my Kingdom Hearts story. If you're looking for a happy ending, you've come to the wrong place.

Chapter 3

Chp. 2

by: DemDemxD
“So do you have a place to stay, like a friends’ house or something?”
I gave him a look that said no, and then a chill went through me. I shivered and crossed my arms over my chest.
“Are you cold?”
He looked to the sky, the sun had almost set and it was getting dark quickly.
“Come on”. He said grabbing my hand and pulling me up off the ground.
“Where are we going?” I asked as he started walking out of the alley. We took a right outside and started walking along the path.
He shrugged his shoulders, “To my house, I guess. You’re only a kid, I’m not going to leave you all alone.”
I looked up at him and smiled and he returned the smile. I then looked around me, studying all the houses and shops.
Each one was different, but they all kind of looked the same and they were all colourful. Tall, dimly lit streetlights lined the path that we were walking along.
I continued following Isa, still gazing around at everything in amazement.
Isa then came to a sudden stop, and I almost ran into to him, “What’s wrong? Why’d you stop?” I asked, trying to peek around him.
“Here we are, this is where I live.” Isa announced. I stepped to the side to get around Isa, and looked over to his home and there stood an average sized house that looked almost identical to its neighbours. Before I could study it further, Isa started walking up the few steps that led to the door.
He turned to look at me, “Come on, lets go.” He said, “I may have to explain some things to my parents, though,” He mumbled in a quiet voice. He turned and started up the steps again, and I followed. Once we reached the door Isa stopped and reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. They jingled together until he picked out a single key, put it the lock and turned it. The lock clicked and he slowly pushed open the door. A bright light flooded over us. I squinted, trying to see inside, but I could only make out two figures.
Isa took a step forward into the house, and I mimicked his action, ending up standing in the doorway. My eyes got used to the light- mostly due to me standing behind Isa, who blocked out most of it- and it turned out it wasn’t so bright after all, though I still couldn’t really see inside.
“Isa, you’re home,” A deep male voice suddenly spoke, I peeked out from behind Isa to see who spoke but he shifted slightly and blocked the way. I frowned up at him, but he wasn’t looking at me, so he didn’t pay any attention.
“Yeah,” Isa replied hurriedly, “Look there’s something I need to tell you both.”
“And what’s that?” A female voice now spoke. Isa turned slightly to look back at me, his eyes looking uncertain. He looked back towards the two people and carefully pushed me out from behind him and out to where they could see me.
“Who’s this?” The female said with curiosity. I was now standing in front of Isa, and could now see them both. The woman was standing in what looked like a kitchen and she looked a lot like Isa. I turned my gaze over to where the man was. He was sitting at a small table holding a newspaper in his hands.
“What’s it doing here?” The man asked a frown line appearing on his forehead.
The tone in his voice sounded like he was irritated and it scared me a little. I quickly stepped closer to Isa and looked to the ground.
“It?” Isa exclaimed, his sudden outburst surprised me. I looked up at him and he was glaring at the man. “She’s a little girl!”
There was an uncomfortable silence in the room. Everything seemed to just stop. I had no idea what was going on, and I just wanted to turn around and leave. I obviously didn’t belong here and was just causing problems. Isa and the man continued glaring at each other; they didn’t seem to like each other very much. Or… maybe they were just in bad moods, either way I didn’t have a clue.
I looked over to the lady and she had a somewhat calm look on her face.
“Isa, what was it you wanted to tell us?” She said, cutting through the thick silence.
Isa and the man stopping glaring at each other and turned their gazes over to her.
“I wanted to ask…” Isa started, and then sighed. “If she could stay with us. She has no where else to go.”
The woman’s eyes widened in surprise and the man picked where he left off and began glaring at Isa again.
“Isa, where are her parents?” The woman asked.
“I don’t have any,” I spoke for the first time and answered just as Isa opened his mouth.
“What do you mean you don’t have any?” The man asked in a rude and impatient voice.
I looked down, “I just don’t.”
“Isa,” It was the woman who spoke now, but in a soft voice, “right now, we can’t afford to have to care for someone else. We’re already lending money to you’re uncle. I’m sorry, but we just can’t.”
“You heard your mother,’ The man gave Isa a warning glance.
“But I’m not going to leave her out on street!”
“She can stay with us, but just for tonight and then tomorrow you can ask around to see if you can find her parents, or any other family she has.” The woman suggested.
Isa look unsatisfied, “She hardly anyone’s pet.”
“That’s what you’ll be doing tomorrow. End of discussion.” The man said in a harsh voice.
Isa sighed, “Come on, let’s something to eat”.

After we all sat down to some food, no one said a word. The lady would occasionally ask a question to break the awkward silence, but whatever answers she got back consisted of a one letter word.
After we ate, Isa told me that I should get some sleep, so I went and slept in Isa’s room, like he told me, while he said he would sleep on the couch.
And so I lied in bed, staring at the ceiling. I didn’t feel tired, but I wanted to sleep. So I closed my eyes, and waited until sleep came.

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