My Broken Heart- A Kindom Hearts story

"My heart.. It's broken, isn't it?" This is about a girl that finds her meaning of existance, falls in love, and then loses it all. All in one place.
This is my Kingdom Hearts story. If you're looking for a happy ending, you've come to the wrong place.

Chapter 2

Chp. 1

by: DemDemxD
-12 Years ago
I tugged me legs closer to my body as tears ran down my face. I continued to cry without really knowing why. I was sitting in an alleyway. There wasn’t much light, since the sun was starting to set. The only light source came from a single window, the light only shone dimly though, just enough for me to make out the features around me. There was an average looking brown door on the opposite side of the alley, directly in front of me. Parts of the ground were damp suggesting it had rained recently, and three soggy looking boxes sat next to the door, and the smell of damp filled the alleyway.
I heard footsteps outside of the alley, and I whimpered a little and they stopped at the entrance. I looked over and there was a dark figure standing there. I sniffled a little, and he started walking towards me.
“Hey... are you okay?” A young male voice cut through the silence.
He had now reached me and kneeled down to reach where I was sitting. I could now see him properly. He was a teenage boy with short sky blue hair that was spiked upward. He had green eyes and wore a short-sleeved, navy blue jacket with a light blue stripe going along his shoulders to the ends of his sleeves, a crescent moon shape displayed on the left side of his jacket, he also wore white pants and black shoes.
“Are you lost?” He asked, his bright green eyes studied me, “Why are you crying?”
“I…” I shook my head, “I don’t know.” I said, looking down at the ground.
He gave me a confused look, “Well, uhh… Do you know where your parents are?”
“I don’t have any.”
“Well, do you know how you got here?” He asked, clearly confused.
I sighed, “no, I just… woke up here. I don’t remember anything from before I got here. I don’t think I did anything before I got here”.
“Hmm.. So, you don’t remember anything?”
I shook my head.
He looked at me thoughtfully, “Do you know you’re name, at least?”
A name? “No”.
“Well, my names Isa, nice to meet you” He smiled, but even I could see the doubtfulness behind his eyes.
“Nice to meet you too, Isa”

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