Computer Realm

Red (SugarKart) & Amthest (Lynx_Minx) are 2 normal high-school kids, that have there lives ripped up when they are absorbed by the computer & thrust into the Computer Realm.
Armed with high-tech gadgets & guns, the duo must find a way out, or die tryin'! But, a deadly virus & other computer warlords want them destroyed or enslaved, can they get help from other friendly people? Or are they doomed to spend forever inside the Computer Realm?

Chapter 1

The New Computer

by: Cozy_Glow
It was cold & rainy, I hated it. Amthest skipped along beside me, cheerily humming a song. I sighed as we trudged into the school grounds, knowing it was going to be another boring day.

"This is gonna be fun today!" Amthest said, excitedly.
"Am, its rainin'" I said, sarcasticly. "Hows it gonna be excitin'?"
"Dunno" she replied, with a smile. "Just gotta feelin'!"

Then she ran off to meet her friends. I walked off to meet mine. The day passed by, surprisingly, fast. I met up with Am & we trudged along towards the front gates. We stopped at a computer room to say goodbye to a teacher. They let us come in & asked if we could help turn off some of the computers for him.
We turned them all off, but when we turned to him, he had disappeared & the door was locked. I looked around, then tried my luck on the door. It was locked tight. Am stared to shake in panic.

"Don't panic" I assured her. "We're gonna be fine"
"Yeah, well" she squeaked, pointing at a computer. "Why'd that one turn itself on?!"

I approached the computer & stared at it. It had a green screne with the words: Enter. I pressed enter & the world went blinding white. When I woke up & the world came back into focus, I felt strange. I looked at myself & gaped in shock. I was wearing a green & neo blue suit of armour. I looked wildly around for Am. I couldn't see her.

"Am?" I shouted. "Am, where are you?"
"I'm here!" I heard someone shouted back.

I ran towards the sound & saw Amthest. She was wearin a suit of emerald green & neo purple.

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