Ever After

Ever After

madthales and I will be doing this group story together.
Its based off the 1998 movie 'Ever After'. Its a Cinderella story without magic.
We are probably gonna change it up a bit, so it wont be EXACTLY like the movie but I hope as good as the movie.
I hope you enjoy the story. I know its one of my favorite classics. =]

Chapter 1

Introduction to the characters

Danielle de Barbarac- Long, curly brown hair, brown eyes, tall, strong, faithful, strong-witted, daughter of Auguste, step-daughter to Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent, step-sister to Marguerite and Jacqueline.

Rodmilla de Ghent- high cheekbones, brown hair, always wears make-up, tall, mean, cruel, arrogant, cunning, calculating, jealous and resentful, married Auguste but he died shortly after.

Marguerite de Ghent-long blond hair, blue eyes, wears make-up, same personality as her mother Rodmilla, wants to become Prince Henry's wife.

Jacqueline de Ghent- brown hair, wears make-up, neglected by mother, sweet-tempered, forgiving, nice to Danielle..

Prince Henry- wavy brown hair, strong, tall, greenish eyes, wants to be free from his responsibilities...

Leonardo da Vinci- old, long wavy white hair, crinkling dark eyes, talented painter, befriends Henry..

Pierre Le Pieu- old, bald except for goatee and mustache, wears gold loop earrings, blue gray eyes, perverted, business man..

These are pretty much the major characters. There are of course more characters but we will describe them along the way. The next chapter will be when the story starts.

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