Broken then Mended-part 19 (MUST READ INTRO!!!)

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Chapter 1

Dinner with the boyfriend? or Football with the cast?

I woke up to the smell of eggs, bacon, toast, and the sun shining in through the window. I was a little disoriented, and my head was spinning. I sat up slowly, looking around the room, analyzing exactly what I was feeling. I was in a white room, on a black bed… The Penthouse. I felt… amazing? It was a new kind of feeling; I didn’t know what it was. I thought back to last night, dinner, singing, the hotel… Then it hit me, exactly what I did last night. I smiled to myself – I remembered everything. I got out of bed and stood up slowly, stretching, popping my back. I looked down to see what I was wearing. I couldn’t feel any undergarments, and the shirt was far too big. It was silky; half way buttoned up, and smelled like Taylor. I grinned in contentment, and walked down the stairs. Breakfast was on the black table, and Taylor was getting some juice out of the mini fridge. “Did you make breakfast for me?” He looked up and smiled at me, set down the juice, and came running to the base of the stairs. As soon as I hit the floor he picked me up and spun me in a circle. He set me down and kissed me gently. I kissed back, but pulled away after a second.
“Morning beautiful,” he whispered to me.
“Good morning.”
“How did you sleep?”
I pecked him on the lips and replied, “Amazingly. Smells good. What’d you make me?”
“I made the few things I can cook. Eggs, bacon, and toast. I burnt the toast a few times, but finally got it right.” I took a deep breath, taking in the smell of both breakfast and him. He kept his arm around my waist as we walked to the table. I sat on his lap and picked at my food. It took me a while, but I ate it all. I was more focused on him. When I finished instead of taking my plate to the sink I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the couch. I pulled him on top of me and kissed him deeply. When he pulled away he asked, “What? Last night wasn’t enough for you?”
“It was more than enough – and I thank you for that. I just want you to know how much I love you.” He kissed me again and I wrapped my arms around his neck. It was a moment of pure happiness and content, when of course my cell rang. Taylor stood up and handed me my phone. “Thanks…” I looked at the caller ID; Nita.
I mumbled to myself, “Even when she can’t walk in on us, she STILL finds a way to interrupt…” I flipped my phone open and answered harshly, “What?”
“Ooh, somebody’s a bit catty. What happened? Last night didn’t work out too well?” I could sense a bit of humor in her tone. I replied, “No, last night was better than ever, thank you very much.”
“Then you are mad because…”
I took a deep breath and calmed down. “I’m not angry, but we were having a moment and you ruined it!”
“Well sorry! I need some help.”
“Help with what?”
“Wedding help.”
I sighed-groaned, “Really? Can’t you like… Call Alyssa? Or your mom?”
“I can’t do that. Alyssa’s at school, and mom’s at work. And you are my second maid of honor. You have to help me.”
“Can you call Ashley? I mean I’m kind of in the middle of something.”
I heard her sigh on the other end.
She said very dramatically, “Fine, your boyfriend means more than helping me plan my dream wedding. I guess I understand… Well, gotta go, nice talkin to ya maid of honor.”
The other end got really quiet and I could tell she tried to make it sound like she’d hung up. I stayed quiet, too. I am her second maid of honor, and Alyssa and Momma are busy with school or work… I can’t let her go and make decisions by herself – she’ll buy everything. I started to feel guilty and said into the phone, “I’ll be home in an hour.”
I heard her ‘eek’ on the other end and she said, “Thank you thank you thank you!! You’re the best! I’ll see you soon!!” She hung up and I stood up. Taylor looked at me. “She needs help with the wedding…”
He sighed and put his arms around me and rested his head on mine. “It’s okay. I understand. I mean, you’ll have to pull her away from Kellan every once in a while to plan our wedding.”
I pulled my head back and looked at him. “What makes you think we’re getting hitched?”
He laughed. “Well, last night for one, and you know I love you… Of course I want to marry you.”
I pointed my finger at him and opened my mouth, but he started first. “Yeah, yeah, I know. Not until you’ve either started a career or gone to college or we are 100 percent ready.”
“And I have to be 21. I want to drink at my wedding.”
He laughed again and let me go, walking up stairs. “You drink anyways.”
I followed him so I could get dressed. “I mean legally.”
We both laughed and got ready, then headed home to help Nita with her ‘Should I have the napkins matching the name cards?’ and ‘Do I want the name cards white with silver writing or red with black writing?’ dilemmas.

~It’s been two days since… well.. ya know… and Taylor has barely given me a hug. What went wrong? I mean, it was amazing, we were both great, and we still made it home in time to get some wedding planning done. I just don’t get it.~ These were my thoughts as I got out of the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel and walked out to my bedroom. I dried off, wrapped my hair in the towel, and put on the outfit I had laid out on my bed. It was a simple black dress, spaghetti straps, tight fitting, and ended mid-thigh. Very cute, but not sluttish. I looked at my alarm clock. 6:13 – I had forty-five minutes till dinner with Taylor’s family. I knew I didn’t have time to curl my hair, so I would just let it curl on its own. I took the towel out of my hair, brushed through it, flipped it, and started on my makeup. I decided simple would be better tonight. I put on a light brown eye shadow, a little brown eye liner and some mascara. It only took me maybe ten minutes for my makeup – the fastest routine I’ve ever done. I went to my closet to find what I should match my outfit with. I chose my black wedges, a silver bracelet, silver hoops, and my black clutch. I put on my shoes and jewelry and looked in my full body mirror. Ten minutes ago my hair was damp and straight, now it was dry and a large mass of curls. What I loved about my hair, was that it was massively curly, but it wasn’t frizzy or ratty. The curls were ringletey and smooth. My hair even looked shiny – I thank my special shampoo and conditioner my stylist provides for me. It’s expensive, but it lasts a long time and is specially made for curly hair. My bangs were going wacko, so instead of straightening them, clipped them to the side with a silver butterfly that Nita gave me for Christmas. I smiled, twirled, and headed for my stairs. I was about half way up when my door opened. Nita stood in the doorway in black shorts, her Kellan’s Girl shirt, and her hair in a ponytail. “What up chicky? Why do you look so fancy?” she asked, descending my stairs.
“I’m going to dinner with Taylor and his family. And I don’t look fancy. Why do you look like you’re going jogging?”
She glanced at my hand, hurried into my room, and came back up with the ring Taylor had given me two days before in her hand. She held it up to me, “You forgot this. It even matches your dress.” She smiled and slipped it on my finger.
“Thank you Nita. Now, what are your plans tonight?”
We walked up my stairs to the living room and flopped on the couch. “I’m playing football with Kellan and the cast. I invited Darren and Andy along, too. Thought they’d like it. Too bad you have plans. We would whoop them.”
I laughed a little – if me and Nita were paired on the same team, we were unstoppable. “Yeah, that would be fun. But I already promised Taylor I would go… Maybe I’ll show up after dinner.”
She just nodded and grabbed the remote, flipping through random channels. Not too long after channel surfing started, the front door opened. I turned to see who it was. All at the same time, Kellan, Darren, Andy, Taylor, and my dad walked in the door. Before he even said hello, Andy made a smart arse remark. “Whoa, what happened to you? Hair curlers gone bad? An afro wig? Or did you curl your hair then rat it all up?”
“Shut up, Andy. My hair looks great and you know it.” I stood up and walked over to Taylor, slapping Andy on the way. Taylor gave me a hug and kissed my forehead. No, ‘hey baby, how was your day,’ or ‘how are you?’, ‘you look beautiful’ or even an actual kiss. I sighed to myself and hugged my dad. He kissed my cheek and asked, “How’s my little girl today?”
“Fantastic, and what about you? How was work?” I pulled away and stood in front of him, but that didn’t last too long. Darren pulled me into an enthusiastic hug, lifting me up off the ground. He set me down, but kept me at arms length and examined my outfit. “Well don’t you look gorgeous? You look way to pretty to be playing football with us.”
“That’s because I’m not playing football. I’m going to dinner.”
He pretended to be sad and replied, “Aw shucks… Now we only have half the advantage.” He turned me around and put his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder. ~Damm, we look more like a couple than me and Taylor~
Walking into the kitchen, dad replied, “Work was fine. Just some more paperwork for Contrail’s case. It should be done and the adoption papers signed by next week.”
I spun out of Darren’s arms and said, “Well that sounds like fun, paperwork. Love you guys!” I took Taylor’s hand and started for the door. “We have a dinner to attend.”
I stepped out the door, but was pulled back inside. I spun to see Taylor with his free hand in his hair. “Umm, actually, plans have kinda changed. My little sister is going to a sleep over, and my mom has some friends in from out of town. So… we need to reschedule.”
I nodded and tugged on his hand. “That’s okay. We can still go to dinner. Have a little alone time… Maybe after hook up with these guys,” I gestured towards the people inside, “and play a little football?” I smiled, batted my eyelashes a little, and tugged some more, hoping to persuade him. He dropped my hand, and I dropped my smile. He came outside with me and closed the door. “I would love to go to dinner, I really would, but when my mom canceled, I got a call from some old friends… I kinda want to go hang out with them – if that’s okay.”
My heart dropped a little – I wanted some alone time with him tonight, try to figure out what’s going on – but I nodded. “Um, yeah, I guess that’s fine. Where are we meeting them? Just let me know if I need to go change or-” The look of guilt on his face stopped me short. I asked cautiously, “Is everything okay?”
He looked at his feet, then back to me. “Yeah, it’s just… I was just gonna go. You know, just talk, and maybe have a soda or something… You wouldn’t really like my old friends anyways. They don’t make the best party.”
I sighed and stepped around him, putting my hand on the door handle. He grabbed my shoulder and asked, “Are you okay? I just think you would have more fun hanging out with Nita and everyone instead of my boring friends.” I shrugged out of his hand and nodded. “Yeah, that’s fine. Go have a good time.”
“Okay, thanks for understanding. I’ll be back before you’re home from football.” I nodded and waited until he was down the stairs and in his car before I walked inside. Everyone had migrated to the couch and was watching TV. I closed the door and opened my mouth to ask if they would wait for me to change. Before I could even suck in the breath to say it, Nita – without taking her eyes off the screen – said, “You have ten minutes. Hurry.” I started walking to my door, about to ask how they knew, when Darren pointed to his right and said, “Window.” I looked over, and the window was open. I nodded and hurried down my stairs. I tossed my clutch on my bed, slipped out of my shoes, and took off all my jewelry on the way to my closet. I put my earrings, bracelet, and ring into my jewelry box and slipped out of my dress. I dug through my drawers until I found my green booty shorts that said SLYTHERIN on the butt, and the tight black tank top Darren had bought me in Florida. On the front it said in white ‘I’M THE NICEST THING YOU’LL EVER MEET’ with a little angel resting on the last ‘T’. And with red lettering the back said, ‘BUT THE NAUGHTIEST THING YOU’LL EVER DO’ with a smiling devil on top of the ‘D’ and her tail making the ‘O’. It was probably one of my favorite shirts I owned. Not because of the sayings, but I just liked it. I put on some socks, my black tennis-shoes, and hurried over to my bathroom. I washed all the makeup off my face and put my wild hair into a ponytail. I heard footsteps upstairs and sprinted through my room, picking up my canvas bag, and hurried upstairs. I opened my door and saw my friends walking out the front door. Nita was waiting with two water bottles in her hands. She tossed one to me and we headed out the door. I saw Darren getting into his car, Andy getting into his, and Nita and Kellan getting into hers. Before they could start their cars, I said, “How about we do something to help the environment?” They all gave me questioning looks. I held up my finger and ran back inside. My dad was on the couch watching TV. I stood behind him and asked, “Hey dad? Do you think I can take your car? It fits more and we’re all going to the same place so…” He picked up his keys from the coffee table and threw them to me. I headed for the door but was stopped short when he yelled over his shoulder, “DO NOT go over the speed limit in my car. That car wasn’t built for maniac drivers like you and Nita. The only thing I regret your mother teaching you girls was how to drive. You get in a wreck in that thing you can kill somebody.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be careful!” I said back and ran out of the house. I held up the car keys and got in the drivers side of my dad’s car. Everyone just stood next to their cars. I opened the sun roof and stood up. “What? We aren’t taking four cars to the same place.” They shrugged and came over to the car. Nita and Kellan climbed in the back, and Andy hopped in next to them. Darren came in the front with me. I put the car in reverse and pulled out of the drive way, then put it back into drive. I rested my arm on the console like I always do, and like he always does, Darren held my hand. I didn’t visibly react, but emotionally I felt a pang. But I don’t know what of. He’s been doing this since I could drive, and it’s never bothered me before. Even when I was with Caleb. Maybe it hurts because Taylor doesn’t make these little gestures anymore – in fact, he never did. I sighed, and pressed on the gas pedal. Darren started to take his hand away, but I gripped it tighter and smiled at him. I turned out of the neighborhood and started at a normal speed to the park. I planned to get complaints from the passengers, but Darren was looking at me the whole ride, Andy was being a dork jamming out to the radio, and Kellan and Nita were having one of their moments where nobody else exists. But soon enough we arrived at the park, with a bunch of other cars in the parking lot. We all got out and started for the trail that led to the clearing. We hadn’t even taken two steps before cameras were flashing and questions were thrown at us. I’m serious, do they follow us home and wherever we go? How else would they have found us? We didn’t even take our normal car! Maybe they were already here – I mean there were other stars here as well. Kellan put a protective arm around Nita and they continued walking, ignoring the reporters. Andy stood on my left, and Darren on my right. They both put a hand on my back and helped me through the crowd which was making no room for me at all. I kept my head down and my feet moving. We were walking for maybe five minutes when we got to the side trail. I watched the ground intently, making sure I didn’t trip on any rocks, holes, logs, or my own two feet. The trail went down hill, then flat for about twenty feet, and down again. We got to the end of the trail and out of the trees and entered the playing field. It was used for a ton of stuff, mostly sports and picnics. The field had already been set up, cones marking the ten yard lines. The teams were already split up. I don’t know if it was planned this way, but it looked like it was Wolves VS Vamps. All the actors who played the Cullens were on one team, the Wolves on the other. The five of us reached the two teams and stood there. Peter stepped forward, and then Alex. Peter said first, “We get Kellan.” Kellan nodded and walked over to Peter’s team, dragging Nita along. But, like I thought she would, she stopped and said guiltily, “Sorry, babe. But me and Bri are the package deal.”
He took her hand and replied, “But I’m your fiancée. WE are the package deal.”
She pecked his cheek and skipped back to me, pushing Andy away and linking our arms together. We both shrugged and Kellan shook his head, pretending to be hurt. We just had to laugh. We examined the teams to decide who we wanted to persuade to take us. Peter had Elizabeth, Kellan, Nikki, Jackson, Ashley, Rob and Kristen – that’s a total of eight for them. Alex had Bronson, Chaske, Tyson, Kiowa, and the actors who play Emily, Seth and Leah – I’ll need to learn their names. So that put the wolves at eight. If I OR Nita went on their team, we’d be just as good as the other team, me AND Nita, we’re gonna whoop. I whispered to Nita, “We wanna get with the wolves.”
She gave me a questioning look. “Why? I mean, it would be even, ten – ten, but why not the vamps?.”
“Don’t you want to see how kicking your fiancée’s famous butt feels like?” She thought for a minute, then grinned. “Think about it Nita, none of these people know we can play. Accept for Darren and Andy, of course. And I can get them to compromise.” She nodded and shrugged. We stepped forward together and looked at Alex. I said, “If you guys don’t mind, we would like to be on your team.”
Alex playfully rolled his eyes. “Well duh, it’s not like we’re gonna get all four of you. But what if I want two boys, or a girl and a boy? What if I don’t want more girls.”
We shook our heads together. Nita replied, “We want to be on your team, and Darren and Andy on the other team.”
Alex was about to say something, but Darren interrupted, “Nope, that’s not gonna work. YOU two, cannot be on the same team. That’s an unfair advantage.”
Bronson asked, “Why is it an advantage? You guys would have ten, and most of you can play. We would have ten, too, but we aren’t the best players.”
I grinned. “Exactly. Just let us try it out. If we’re still losing by the time half time is called, you can trade us for Andy and Darren.”
Alex got a smirk on his face and shook his head. “Why are you two so hell-bent on being on the same team?”
I pulled my arm away from Nita’s, and we pushed Andy and Darren over to the vamps. “Trust us,” I said.
Nita continued, “This is a great arrangement.” We walked over to the wolves with smiles on our faces. We stood next to Alex and looked at Peter – well, I did, Nita was looking at Kellan mouthing him who knows what. Peter shrugged and turned to his team, “I guess this works. Let’s huddle.” Both Andy and Darren immediately started talking – they were working out a game plan against us. We turned into the group and got down to business. Nita asked Alex sweetly, “If you don’t mind, can we navigate the game plan? We know exactly what to do.”
“I don’t think so, I am team captain, I make the rules. We do what I say.”
“Look, I know football, Nita knows football, and we can teach anyone who doesn’t. We know what we’re doing,” I retorted.
He rolled his eyes – he sure did love doing that – and sighed. “Fine, let me hear it.”
I started, “Okay, I will be quarterback, and.. Bronson, you be my left tackle. You three-” before I could give my next order Bronson cut me off. “What is a left tackle?”
“You block people from hitting me. If someone tries to tackle me, you tackle them.”
He nodded and Nita picked up where I left off. “You three,” she gestured at Chaske, Tyson, and Alex, “will block Kellan, Peter, and Andy – I know Darren will be trying to get to Bri, so leave him to Bronson. The best way to get Andy down is to block like you normally would, but when you get a chance, squeeze his knee. He collapses. I will start next to Kiowa, looking like I’ll block whoever’s in front of me. Tyson, you will hike the ball to Bri. You’ll call out ten – that’s the number of players on the other team – twenty eight – that’s what Bri’s number usually is, and then nineteen, my number. It doesn’t have to go like that, that’s just the normal way we do it. Once Tyson calls nineteen I will run left and around the other team. When I’m in the clear, Bri will throw the ball to me. You,” she pointed to the guy who played Seth, “won’t block. While I run left, you run right. I will try and run it all the way. As far as I know, the only people who can keep up with me are Bri, she’s on our team, Darren, and he’s going for Bri, and Andy – hopefully he’s down or being blocked. Kellan might be able to keep up with me, but I don’t know. He should be being blocked, too. But if anybody tries to tackle me, it’s your job to tackle them so I can keep running.”
I finished, “Everybody else, just make sure me and Nita don’t get hit. If we get hit, we start second down. That’s acceptable, but not preferable. We want to get the touchdown as soon as we can. Okay, everybody know what they’re doing?” I examined their faces. The only ones who understood were Alex and Chaske. I shook my head and looked at Alex, “You’re team captain, explain it to them in a way they’ll understand.” He nodded and started talking, Chaske jumping in every once in a while. Nita and I walked over to the other team who was lining up. Of course, she went over to Kellan. “Don’t you dare spoil our game plan.” She waved me off and went to talk to him. Peter was holding a football and a coin. I went to discuss how the game would start. “Are we kicking off or just starting?”
He gestured to his team, “We took a vote – we want to avoid kick off. Nobody accept your two friends can kick, and we have different jobs for them.” I nodded. “Understandable. So flip a coin?” He nodded and put the coin in his hand, ready to flip. It started on tails. He flipped it, it flipped four times and he said, “Call it.” It took me a second to think – four flips up, four flips down, and flipped over onto his hand. “Heads.” He grabbed it and flipped it onto the back of his hand. “Heads it is.” He tossed me the ball and I called Nita over. “Come on, girl. Stop smooching! We got a game to win!” I held up the ball and she approved, and Andy and Darren looked fakly worried. Not only Nita and I were on the same team, but we now had the ball. This would be an easy win. Our team was lined up, a space between Kiowa and Chaske for Nita, Alex on the other side of Kiowa, and Tyson behind him. Nita got in her position, I got in mine. I whispered to Tyson, “Remember, ten, twenty-eight, nineteen, hike.” He nodded and I gave him the ball. I looked to see if the other team was ready. Peter nodded at Alex, he nodded at me, and I nodded at Tyson.
He yelled, “TEN, TWENTY-EIGHT, NINETEEN,” Nita backed up and grape vined to her left. “HIKE!” Like a car accident, everyone started smashing into each other. I saw Nita in the clear, nobody had seen her, and I threw the ball to her – a perfect spiral, not to be cocky. I threw it further to my right so she could keep moving. I kept my eyes on her to make sure she got it. I saw it land in her hands, and she sprinted to the end-zone. I didn’t see if she made it or not because a large mass tackled me to the ground. I blinked a few times to see who was on top of me. Of course, it was Darren. He laughed and stayed laying over me, supporting himself on his elbows. He had an impish grin on his face. We both laughed. He hopped to his feet and extended his hand. I took it and he pulled me up. I jumped and got my arm around his neck. He let me win and bent over, and I gave him a noogie. I let him go and yelled, “Where the heck was my left tackle?!” I looked around and saw Bronson breathless on the ground and covered in dirt. I shook my head and laughed. Darren hit me right in the wrong place, and my back hurt a little. I did a back bend to pop it, then went over to help out Bronson. Alex already had him up, and my team was cheering. I rubbed my head and stood there, looking around. I saw Nita coming over, breathless. I started over to her, but somebody picked me up fireman style. I was spun in a circle and set down. Alex was in front of me cheering.


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