Its Cold Out Here For A Pimp. (Love Story)

Yeah so basically its a love story, read the first chapter and guess who its about :D
I am amazed by this guy so much :D
So yeah. Enjoy <3
A sexy Canadian ;D

Chapter 1

Stratford Centeral Secondary School

I arrived at the doors of Stratford Central Secondary School. I had just moved to this stupid town that everyone talks about I had no idea why, some big star called Jason Bieler or something like that. I seen people scuryying in the halls. I stood there looking as lost as I felt.
"Uhh s'cuse me youre in my way." A voice came from behind me.
"Sorry, Im a bit lost." I said.
"Ya sorry bout that, eh." He said walking away.
I sighed under my breath kkind of hoping he would have helped me out.
Another guy walked up to me.
"Sorry bout him eh, hes a bit of an asz." He said.
"Yeah. I can kind of tell." I laughed.
"But hes also my best friend." He laughed, I froze up.
"Ohmygosh look Im sorry I didnt mean it, its just that like Im new here and yeah! My mum refused to take me to the principle." I rushed.
"Ahah honestly chill." He laghed.
"Sorry.." I muttered again.
"Is that an Australian accent I hear?" He asked.
"Umm yeah it is." I smiled at the guy infront of me.
"Ah thats sweet eh." He grinned.
"You like my accent?" I asked.
"I love Australian girls." He smiled.
"Okay, thats fair enough. SO like as I said Im new here, do you mind showing me around?" I asked.
"Not at all, eh. Wheres your locker?" He asked.
"Umm, its number 165." I old him.
"Thats cool, mines 162, well be right near each other. So what grade are you in eh?" He asked.
"11th." I told him.
"Thats cool same." He smiled.
"Yeah, so what do we do for fun around here?" I asked.
"Uhh we go to Queens Park and the Dufferin Lions Arena, thats an ice rink." He flashed a brilliant smile at me.
"Okay." I smiled back.
"Well anyway, Im playing hockey tonight at the arena, you should come!" He said.
"Yeah okay, where is it?" I asked.
"15 Oak Street. It would be awesome if you were to come, its at 6:30." He told me the details.
"Awesome thanks." I said as we walked down the hall to our lockers, we turned two corners and there was his locker.
"Hey babe." A girl said smiling at him.
"Oh hey Chels." He said kissing the girl, I slipped away and found my locker. I put in the code the principle gave me and twisted it in. 8 3 5 9 1.
I opened my locker and pulled out my timetable.
I looked at it and had to go to Block E Room 8, the way school works is so different from Australia. Why did dad have to get a job transfer! Especially when its winter here, yeah I admit Ive never seen snow before and its cool but its bloody freezing! I grabbed me English book and walked to the room I waled in late and Mrs Brown the teacher saw me enter.
"Class this is Crystal Everson." She smiled warmly at me.
"H..hi.." I stuttered shyly.
"Hello Crystal." The class chorused.
"Now Miss Everson go sit down on that seat." She said pointing to the seat next to the guy I was talking to before that girl came and interupted.
"Hey you know you look familiar." I told the guy.
"Yeah, I am....

Who is he? Comment who you think it is!

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