Long Way to Go (a Shane Dawson love story)

Long Way to Go (a Shane Dawson love story)

This is my fifth story on Quibblo :)

This belongs to me, Ivana, and no one else!


Chapter 1

Info (I know this part is boring, but you guys need to know the names and stuff lol)

by: MrsRadke
Jamie Hartland-
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
HAIR: dirty blonde
EYES: greenish-brown
LOOKS: regular height, curvy but not fat
STYLE: different and unique, but always trend-setting
EXTRA INFO: shes a simple girl, but she loves to have fun. shes known shane since 8th grade (he wouldve been a sophmore at the time they met becuz shes 2 years younger) also she makes youtube vids herself, but she does music like davedays ummmmm shes really good friends wit shane and she secretly likes him but she doesnt wanna tell him becuz she doesnt kno how hed react
* * *
Melinda (mindy)
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
HAIR: light brown
EYES: brown
LOOKS: skinny, not curvy at all
STYLE: preepy and emo mixed together
EXTRA INFO: shes jamie & shanes bff aswell, but shes same age as shane
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
ummmmm idk wat else u guys need 2 kno, but anythin i forgot 2 explain here will be expplained somehwer in the story, uhhhh message me any ideas or questions u hav!!!!
ily all!!! srry this was so short and boring, but yall kno how it is :D
plz plz plz give me ideas!!!! ;)
btw the girl in the pick is jamie

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