So this is a story for my friends and I to write a harry potter story, and then the next friend would write a chapter etc etc.
But i don't have alot of friends so this will be good and long!!
*** you also have to pick you character and describe him/her in your chapter***
In my chapters I will be making AVPM and APVS refrences, and if you dont know what they are its ok.

Chapter 1

The Beggining

My Character: Skyler a.k.a Skye, ocean blue eyes, light curly brown hair, tanish skin, very pretty without makeup,, nice but is in Ravenclaw, wishes she was in Gryffindor, pureblood, parents divorced.

Ok people so we are in the 6th year at hogwarts, and when you write your chapter, you have to tell your chacter and give a description. Also, you have to make up your chacter completly.
Chapter one:
I walked into the great hall, and waved at Harry, Ron and Hermione goodbye as I went to the Ravenclaw tablee to sit next to Mackenzie and Monique. I call them m&ms. We watched the sorting with great bore, and listened to Dumbledore say a few words. My eyes wondered across the Great Hall, and then found myself looking at the Slytherin table, and on to Draco Malfoy. He sneered at me and I flipped him off. He looked shocked, but I thought it was my mind working weird cuz he did the same hand gesture right back to me.
"Skye are you lost or something? Come on and eat, and come back to earth." Said Mackenzie waving her hand in my face making me look at her.
"Sorry Mack, I was in Pigfarts," Monique rolled her eyes at grabbed the mash potatos.
"I know what you were doing," Monique whispered as my heart was thumping so badly, "you were looking at Riley McCay." I sighed inside my head and nodded.
"Yeah, Riley is so hot," I agreed. Riley was Draco's best friend, well friend he doesn't push around, so his only friend. Besides Draco, Riley is the hottest guy in my grade. I know Cho Chang likes him, and keeps flirting with him, so I'm going to deal with her later. All of the ravenclaws know, that i like him. Cho Chang is just mad because I beat her at quidditch last year for seeker, and this year i'm gonna try out again!!
"Riley, did someone say Riley?" Asked the Cho Change herself. Figures.
"Yes Chang," I said, "we were just talking about how i'm gonna ask him out on Friday." Cho Chang dropped everything she was holding and leaned acros the table and pushed me. Now normally, I am a peace activist, but when someone makes the first move, well lets just say, I don't forgive them. I pulled my wand out and shot a hex at her, and it hit her in the face. Score!
"Ahhh! Sparks your a freak," her hands were growing 3 times as big, and so was her nose, ears, and breast. I looked at my friends and couldn't help it. I burst out laughing! I saw Riley looking at me, and he grinned, I grinned back and he nodded at me to go outside the Great Hall.
"Sorry guys, but have to go," I said to Monique and Mackenzie. I follwed him out, and he took my hand.
"Skye do you want to go out?" I souldn't believe it, he was asking me out, not Cho Chang, me!!
"Yes Riley, I will." And i leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, and went back to the great hall. But when i said yes, Draco's face appeared in my mind. I looked at Draco, and he flipped me off, so I realized i didn't like him at all. -sigh of relief- But then why am i sort of sad?

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