An Edward Cullen Love Story Part 1

this is about how my life would be with Edward. it is very sweet and romantic and a bit sad.

Chapter 3


I paused for a long moment. "Yes!", I exclaimed. He smiled a huge smile. He picked me up and kissed me. He put on his back and jumped out of the window.
"Whoa", I said. "I need to tell you something important, where no one will here", he said. He flew from tree to tree until we met the Canadian border. He jumped down and we sat together. All the Cullens' came out. "Ok first of all we can't get the volturi involved in this", explained Edward. "The Volturi are like the vampire lawmakers", said Carlisle. " Basiclly what we are trying to say is we need to make you one of us", said Jasper while looking at Edward. Edward closed his eyes. "She doesn't have to--, began Edward. "Yes she does Edward, face it the Volturi will find out sooner or later and they will kill her", said Jasper. "No", said Edward hotly. "Yes", they all said. Edward got up and ran away. "Edward!", I yelled. It was too late, he was already far away. "Alice?", I asked. "He'll come back, she said. He just needs time to think. It pains him that you have to loose your soul". "So I need to become a vampire?", I asked fascinated. "Yes, you will get to be with us, and Edward forever and ever", encouraged Alice."Wow this is- "To much to get in right now, Carlisle finished. I know". "I wanna talk to Edward about this", I don't want to do something that upsets him, I love him", I said. "Well It's not like you are going back walking, said Alice. We have 6 speed racers over here which one to you wanna ride?"

Emmett carried me back in about 2 minutes sharp. I found Edward in front of his house on the ground with his face in his hands. Emmett ran back to his family. "Edward?" He looked up and ran up to me and immediatley started holding me. "Edward can I please be one of you? I love you and I want to be with you forever no matter how long that is. Edward grinned, then frowned. "Bella I know the consequence of the choice you are making, You'll be a killer and I would never want you to be that." "Edward please, the decision has been made, I will be one of you"

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