An Edward Cullen Love Story Part 1

this is about how my life would be with Edward. it is very sweet and romantic and a bit sad.

Chapter 2


As I walked out of the car I saw all my friends waiting for me. When they saw me they all had there arms open. I walked up to them blushing. "Happy Birthday Bella!", said Elizabeth. "Thanks", I said as I hugged her. "Yeah, happy birthday", said Dylan. "Happy Birthday!", exclaimed Katelyn and Zachary. Katelyn hugged me. Edward walked over. "Do you guys wanna take a picture?", he asked. They paused. "Yeah", said Katelyn. "Totally", they all chimed in. I was in the middle with everyone's arms around me. Then I took some seprate pictures with Elizabeth and Katelyn. Then the bell rang. "K bye", they all said. Then they all walked off. I looked at Edward. He kissed me. He moaned. "Lets get to class", he whispered. "U-ok", I stuttered. We walked into the school holding hands. "Now I wanna talk to you later-, Edward was interrupted. "Happy Birthday Bella!", exclaimed Alice. "Quiet!, I said.I wanted only a few people to know ok? I wanted it to be a peaceful day ok?" Alice rolled her eyes."Fine. But remember it is your birthday week".

I was laying in my room with Edward looking at each other and we were talking. "Bella, I need to talk to you about something. He got down on his
knees. It couldn't be I thought. Bella I promise to love you everyday, forever. Will you take the amazing honor of marrying me?" I gasped.

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