An Edward Cullen Love Story Part 1

this is about how my life would be with Edward. it is very sweet and romantic and a bit sad.

Chapter 1


"Ahh!!", I screamed. I looked around in my room.Edward rushed to me. "What's wrong?", he asked nervously. I fell into his arms and started crying. "I-i, your h-h-here", I sobbed. "Yes I am right here", he sympathized. I couldn't help but think about how romantic this was. He tucked me in bed and got in with me. My face was looking under my blanket. He pulled my face up. "Now what happened, tell me everything", he whispered. I didn't want to tell him. It would make me ruin the moment. "I-I forgot", I whispered back. He paused. "Ok, he said. Then he kissed me." Your safe with me".

I woke up in the meadow with a nice red dress on while lying on a picnic blanket with fruit and one cupcake next to me. Edward was staring into my eyes. "Happy Birthday", he said calmly. It's already my birthday?, I thought. Wow time speeds by fast. He realized I was thinking hard. "I love you", he said. I gasped. This was perfect. I scooted up to him and cuddled. "Thank you", I whispered. He smiled in reply.He leaned down to kiss me. We rolled over on the picnic blanket and stared into each others eyes. I leaned down to kiss him but a loud howl interrupted. "Shi-", I stopped. Not while I'm with Edward, I thought. He has never swore once. Jacob ran up to me in human form. I stared at him with a smirk on my face while curling my hair. I looked at him than at Edward. "Ooh sorry, I just came to say Happy Birthday". I looked down. This was so annoying. But I didn't want to hurt Jacob's feelings. "Thanks", I said slowly. He smiled. "Sorry. I just came to give you this. He handed me a leather book that said "memories" on it."It's a scrapbook of our times together. I gonna be leaving for some time and wanted to let you have a little piece of me when I'm gone. Yeah um sorry about how it's a little scratched up-. "It's perfect", I said hugging him. "Well I gotta get going, bye", he said. We hugged one last time and then he ran off. "Well I think you need to get going too Ms.Swan", he said. I smiled. "Thanks", I said. I looked back and realized he already packed. As we walked off I realized something. " Edward, how did you get this dress on me?" He looked at me and then kissed me."I love you", he said. I closed my eyes. "I love you too".

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