The Girl is Mine (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

The Girl is Mine (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

This is my first Michael Jackson story, but sixth official story on Quibblo. So comment, rate, favorite, and FR!

This belongs to me, Ivana, and no one else!

Peace, love, and MJ :)

Chapter 1

Character Information and a Real Chapter

by: MrsRadke
Kelly Thesian-
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown but she dyes it red
LOOKS: Slim but kinda curvy; like a punk rocker, but still with an 80's style


Donna (DJ)


Okay so Kelly is one of MJ's backup singers for is 'Bad' tour from 1987-1989. Obviously, this was set in the 80's so if you see some weird slang terms you know why, and also, MJ was around 29-ish when this concert first started and Kelly is 23.
Also, MJ likes Kelly but she doesn't know, she kind of likes him but she's never really thought about it much.
Michael is NOT in debt yet, so he's still extremly rich. Also, they are in EUROPE at the moment, and I'll let you guys know if they switch places (lol).
Ummmm any other questions, just message me! lol hope y'all like it :D

"See I need y'all to give me so more harmony durin' the chorus like, the way you make me feel, and then I need you guys to be a little louder when you sing your part." Michael said smiling at Stacia, Donna, Connor, and me.

Yes, me, Kelly Thesian, was lucky enough to be chosen to be a backup singer for one, the only, Michael Jackson during his Bad tour all throughout Europe, Japan, Australia, and the United States.
I had to admit, I love what I do, but it always seemed so tedious until we actually got a chance to preform.

"Okay, so can we run that part once more?" Michael said to everyone. We all readied ourselves, when we heard Michael start the chorus we jumped in at our part. He cut the song short, I guess he heard what he wanted to.

"That was sick! That's what I wanted to hear you guys!" He shouted. "Alright, I think that's enough for one night, I'll see you all bright and early tomorrow." Michael announced. We all cheered as we exited the stage, "oh um, Kelly could I t-talk to you for a second?" He asked when I was passing by him, I back up a few steps. "What's up?" I asked in a casual tone, for some reason it didn't faze me even though I was talking to the King of Pop.
The only thing was that he talked to me alot, but not about friendly stuff. It's always about my singing and how it could be improved somehow.

"How are you doing?" He asked me in his quiet voice, it was weird hearing him speak that way, especially after he sang so boldly.

"I'm very tired, and yourself?" I asked him grogily.

"I'm tired too, but I'm still kind of pumped up about rehersal," he said clapping his hands together loudly, I gave an exhausted laugh in reply.

"So not to be rude or anything Mr. Jackson-----"

(His manager told us to call him that, he said it was more 'respectful')

"Please, I've told you! Call me Michael! Saying mister makes me sound old," he said, his smile returning to his lively face as he spoke.

"Michael then, (I smiled as well) did you need anything specific from me?" I asked him, saying it lightly so he wouldn't take it the wrong way.

"Yeah, about your vocals........." He trailed off.

"Of course it is." I said, already expecting him to say that. His smile dropped a little, "I'm sorry it's just..... never mind. But all I'm saying is that we need to practice again. Preferably before the next show."

"I have been practicing! Really hard actually!" I said crossing my arms. He put his hands on my shoulders.

"I know you have, I can tell. The only thing is that it's not quite-----"

"Not quite perfect yet. I know, I know." I said cutting him off. He dropped his hands, "right.......... let's say tomorrow night after rehersals?" He asked me. I rolled my eyes in defeat to repetition, "If I'm still awake by then." I said sarcastically. He bit the side of his mouth, probably not sure what to say next.
"I think we should go....... it's looks like we're the only ones left. Hopefully everyone hasn't gone back yet," he said as we started walking off the stage.

"I don't think they'd ever leave you," I said.

"Well I wouldn't let them leave you either Kelly," he mumbled so low I almost didn't hear it, then again I'm not really sure if I was ment to........

We actually did make the bus ride back to our hotel (surprise, surprise).
When we got on the bus Michael took the seat in front next to his manager, Frank, while I went all the way to the back to sit next to DJ (Donna), Connor, and Stacia.

"Hey!" I heard them all say in unison to me. DJ handed me a handful of M&M's, "so what did Jacko want this time?" She asked, eating a few herself. I smiled, that was always what we called Michael, it was just a joke though, no harm intended. "He just wanted to talk to me about my singing." I said popping a few into my mouth as well.

"Again? That's like the fourth or fifth time this month!" Stacia interjected.

"I know right? It's like I bust my ass practicing and he tells me I need to keep workin' on it? Somethin's wrong with that picture." I said rolling my eyes.

"Did you ever ask him what he doesn't like about your voice?" DJ asked me.

"Nah, he never said he didn't like it, just that I need to project it more or something like that." I said, my eyes started feeling a little heavy at this point in time.

"He must have somethin' with you then, 'cause he never talks to us about that . But I really like your voice Kelly." Connor said encouragingly. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Thanks, too bad it's only his opinion that matters to the world though." I said jokingly. They all gave a sleepy laugh, more like a grunt actually.
I just finished my M&M's and I was closing my eyes, trying to get at least some sleep in before we got back to the hotel.

It felt as though I only closed my eyes for a mere two seconds before I felt someone shaking my arm to wake me. I slowly opened my heavy eyelids just enough so I wouldn't fall over while getting to my room, although I did have a few close calls, but luckily DJ was there to catch me if I swayed.
It was nice sharing a room with her because we were best friends even before we got chosen to be backup singers, and it was funny because when we were younger we always would say how cool it would be to share a room with each other, and now we really were.
She opened the door with her free hand while she attempted to drag me into bed. She made it slowly but surely, and I was trying my best to co-operate but my mind ws having a malfunction and couldn't tell my body to do anything.
At last she threw me in a semi-comforatable position on my bed, and the last thing I remembered was hitting the pillow before I ascended into dreamland.

Or considering my circumstances, Neverland.

(authors note: lemme kno if yall liked it! the next chapter for the shane love story will b up between now and friday!!! peace out!!! btw the pic is kelly but its really ashlee simpson)
Re-edited on October 8, 2011

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