A Night World and Protector of the Small Story

This story is a mixture of The series 'Night World' and 'Protector of the Small'
The picture of the girl and the horse is Keladry with her warhorse Peachblossom. The picture in chapter is three characters in Night World

Chapter 3

Past Lives

"Thierry!" I yelled as I walked into the meeting room. "Get your vampire butt in here now!"

"Is there any need to yell Keller?" Thierry asked me, obviously a bit amused.

His white blond hair is ruffled and his eyes look way too wise for his young body.

I roll my eyes at him. "We have a problem." My gray eyes scan the room making sure no one unwanted is around.

Thierry is immediately alert.

"Call everyone down here immediately." Thierry orders and runs upstairs so fast he's a blur.

"Well thanks for leaving me in charge." I mutter.

"He's probably gone to get Hannah. You know how soul mates are." I hear a voice say behind me. I smile at the voice and whip around, my long black hair flying in my face.

"I guess I do." I reply and run to hug Galen Drache of first house of the shape-shifters.

"I missed you." He whispers in my ear.

I step back to look at him fully. His green-gold eyes are tired but he's smiling. His dark gold hair falls just short of his eyes. Galen's perfectly sculpted features make me yearn to kiss him but i have a job to do.

He looks at me confused but i move away slightly again.

"Rashel! John! Winnie!" I yell at the top of my lungs.

Rashel comes down the stairs hand in hand with John and Winnie appears behind me.

I sensed her coming so she didn't scare me. There are perks to being a panther shape-shifter.

Soon Thierry arrived with Hannah in his arms. He lightly puts her down and we all take our seats at the table. It's a Victorian style table with old fashion chairs and a chandelier hanging above.

"What's the problem Keller?" Thierry asks me, his voice nothing but serious.

"Well our past may be at stake." I say seriously and Galen gently grabs my hand.

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