A Night World and Protector of the Small Story

This story is a mixture of The series 'Night World' and 'Protector of the Small'
The picture of the girl and the horse is Keladry with her warhorse Peachblossom. The picture in chapter is three characters in Night World

Chapter 2


Night World Characters:

Rashel Jordan- used to be Rashel the Cat, dark hair, green eyes like emeralds, slim, great fighter, human, soul mate is Quinn.

John Quinn-Vampire, clean features, innocent looking lips, lithe, flat-muscled, tall, dark eyes, soul mate is Rashel.

Hannah Snow-long, fair straight hair, clear gray eyes, birth mark slants diagonally beneath her left cheekbone, birthmark is a pale strawberry color, human, soul mate is Thierry.

Thierry Descouedres-2nd vampire made, white-blond hair, old looking eyes, handsome, soul mate is Hannah.

Raksha Keller-Shape-shifting panther, straight black hair that falls past her hips, cool grey eyes, 17 years old, soul mate is Galen.

Galen Drache of First House of the Shape-Shifters-green, gold eyes, dark gold hair, pale, perfectly sculpted features, golden leopard; 160 pounds, perfect black rosettes, each with an even darker gold center, almost 7 feet long with tail, soul mate is Keller.

Winfrith Arlin- witch, short, froth of strawberry curls, pixie face, nickname is Winnie.

Protector of the Small main characters;

Keladry of Mindelan-18, broad-shouldered, solid-waisted, with straight mouse-brown hair cut short below her earlobes and across her forehead, dreamer's hazel eyes, long curling eyelashes, many scars on hands, strong, lips full, determination fills every inch of her
Blayce the Gallan-long nosed, narrow mouthed, small-rapid blinking eyes, dull brown hair that is unkempt...
Tobe-skinny,9, deep blue eyes, sloping nose, blond hair, beaten by former owner, kel's servant...
There's more characters but I will explain what they look like as the story begins...
Enjoy =]

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