A Night World and Protector of the Small Story

This story is a mixture of The series 'Night World' and 'Protector of the Small'
The picture of the girl and the horse is Keladry with her warhorse Peachblossom. The picture in chapter is three characters in Night World

Chapter 1


The Night World isn't a place. It's all around us. The creatures of Night World are beautiful and deadly and irresistible to humans. Your best friend could be one-so could your crush.
The laws of Night World are very clear: humans must never learn that Night World exists. And members of Night World must never fall in love with a human. Violate the laws and the consequences are terrifying.
-That is just a bit of info about the Night World. Now here is some info on Protector of the Small.'
Keladry of Mindelan is a female knight who deals with arrogant men who don't believe that a woman can do a man's job. Being a knight isn't at all what she thought it would be. Instead of fighting in the war, she is assigned to run a refugee camp. She doesn't like it at first because the Chamber of Ordeal gave her a quest. She is supposed to find and kill Blayce the Gallan. He is a mage who is creating killing devices. Kel feels that if she can kill Blayce, it will turn the tide of war in favour of her country.
In this story, members of Circle Daybreak, a group of vampires, were-wolves, witches, shape-shifters and mortals, accidentally transport themselves back in time.To the medieval times. There, they must help Kel save her refugee's who have been kidnapped by Blayce's henchman. If they can help Kel save her people, Circle Daybreak will be able to go back to their time and save their world from utter destruction.

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