50 ways to annoy Draco Malfoy!

lol :P

Chapter 1

hey ferret boy, prepared to be annoyed!!

Have Dobby send him a love not

Call him Mudblood

Have every Muggle Born in the school follow him

Have the Divination teacher predict that he is going to fall in deep mad love with Harry

Have Luna describe what a nargle is every time he says pure

Follow him around singing 'Tomorrow'

Ask him if you can go to his and Pansy wedding

Draw a picture of what his and pansy kid will look like

Train a ferret to follow him around

Ask him if he thinks Snape is sexy

Get Hermione to snog him. Then slap him and act like he did it to her.

Pants him in the middle of the great hall

Once he pants ask him why he is wearing red and gold boxers

Have Collin follow him around and take millions of pictures

Have every girl in the school walk up and slap him. The shout and say he ate your monkey

Send a love note to snape signing his name

Send him a fake love note from snape

Send him a fake note from Harry

While he is sleeping draw a scar on his forehead

Dye all his clothes pink

Ask him why all his clothes are pink

Ask him how many kids he going to have with Pansy

Send fifty white ferrets after him

Ask him if he is in love with Hermione

Sing this whenever he is around " Ferret boy coming to the rescue"

Tell everyone that him and Pansy have a love child

Transfigure his pillows into ferrets while he is sleeping

Tell everyone that he likes to take pictures of Luna Lovegood

Have Luna ask him if she can see the pictures of her

Give him some tanning lotion and some hair dye

Ask him if he has seen your monkey

Scream at him when he says no

Why he is sleeping paint his nails red and gold

Ask him if Voldemort is his lover

Tell everyone that he enjoys ballet

Ask him he can teach you ballet

Ask him if he has ever seen a Nargle

Is he ask what a nargle is tell him to say 'pure'

Ask him to show you how he keeps his nose so ferret like

Ask him you can borrow his ballet shoes

Ask him if Voldemort taught him how to do ballet,

Make him dance like Ballerina in the middle of the Great Hall

After he is finish throw roses

On his birthday send him a red and gold dress and say it was from snape

Turn his face pink

Ask him if he has ever seen the sun

Blow kisses at him every time he walks pass you

Send your monkey after him


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