I'm Much More Than This

Chapter 14


The policemen open up the car door.
"Get out!" one policeman commands.
Flare and I look at each, hesitate.
"Where are we?" I ask.
"Just get out!" the man yells.
Flare and I both get out of the car. The policemen each grab us and unlock the handcuffs.
"What are you doing?" Flare asks.
"It's been a long night," the policeman says. "I want to go home. You both just go on now. There's an orpahanage right over there." He points to an old brick building. "Go in there. You two can live there, alright?"
"So we're free?" I ask hopeful.
"Yes," the other policemen sighs. "Now stay safe and all. Goodbye kids."
And just like that, they take the handcuffs, climb in their car and drive away. Flare and I are just left in the street.
Flare smiles at me and I smile back.
"We're free!" Flare declares, hugging me.
"Yep!" We both take in the moment of joy. Then our joy fades into worry.
"So now what do we do?" Flare asks me.
"Well we are not living at an orphanage and getting the gang is outta the question," I reply.
"But what will they do without us?" Flare asks concerned.
"We'll see them again someday but not tonight. Too mcuh has happened. Can we please find time to take this all in? I say we should just find somewhere to sleep and figure out the quickest way outta town next morning," I say.
"We're just leaving the gang?" Flare looks at me like she is hurt.
"Yes, we are. There is nothing we can do. They made their choice. It failed. Now let's just worry about ourselves. that's what our gang would want, right? Every man for himself in a time like this?"
Flare nods. "Your right. What about Noah though?"
"I'm afriad I do not know how to get back to Noah. Besides, how can we care for a baby?" I point out.
"You're right but I at least want Noah to go to a safe home," Flare insists.
"First let's worry about ourselves then Noah. I am worried too. Noah is just a baby. Still we have no idea where he even is," I explain.
Flare bows her head. "Your right. It's just us for now. So what should we do?"
"Find shelter," I reply. "Some food too."
Flare and I camp out that night in a park. We find some fruit growing on a tree and eat that. The next morning we figure it'd be best to find some work to do. We could help out anywhere we could find. With the money we earned, we could buy a ticket out of this town and into a new place.
Flare and I enter a loading dock area. A man is there directing people to move packages onto a boat. As he sees us appraching, he eyes us.
"Who are you?" the man insists.
"I'm Sa...." I figure it'd be best to use my real name. "I'm Joey. This is my friend Rocky. We are looking for some work."
The man grunts. "You two look like you have slept under a park bench." Funny obversation. "No one in their right mind would hire a couple of young street rats like you two. Get lost."
"We're not street rats! Watch your mouth!" Flare holds up a fist.
"Shut up kid!" the man motions toward Flare. Flare steps closer to him.
"Thanks for your time sir. Flare and I will be going now," I say.
Flare and I exit the loading docks.
"Now what?" Flare asks.
"I have no clue," I respond.
Flare and I sit down at a bench. It's hopeless. We are stuck in this city. No way out. No one to help us. Maybe we will just end up in a orphanage.

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