I'm Much More Than This

Chapter 1

A New Friend -Told By Rocky's Point of Veiw-

I walk out an empty alleyway. Hopefully I can find some tools or something down here. Maybe even some scraps of food if I'm lucky.
There is a big pile of junk at the end of the alleyway. I walk up to it and began to rummage through.
"So, what's your story?" A chilling voice comes from behind me.
I spin around. There is a boy a couple years older than me. His hair is blonde. His hair is messed up and greasy looking. His skirt is black with a skull on it it with the sleeves torn. His jeans are ripped with holes at the knees. His sneakers look worn.
He laughs at me. "You gonna tell me what I asked or are you just gonna stare at me like an idiot?"
I scowl at him and pick up a rusty pipe near me. I hold it back like I'm ready to hit him with it. "What do you want?!" I growl.
"Easy now little girl." He steps forward one step. "I just asked a question. What's your story?"
I clunch my fist. "Don't call me a 'little girl.' Also, why is that any of your bussiness? Who are you anyhow?"
"I'm Sash." he replies. "My real name's Joey. You know, you remind me a lot of myself a few years back. Scared, alone, confused. You live alone, don't ya? No parents. No where to call home or go. Just trying to get by."
I glare at him. "I don't think this concerns you. Now please leave me alone 'Sash'."
"Eh, you can call me Joey if you want." He walks right up to me. I raise the pipe. "Settle down. I ain't here to hurt ya but my gang will if they find you."
"What gang?" I ask trying to sound brave.
"My gang," Joey replies. "You don't want to mess with them. Four other guys, a lot stronger than me. They all are in their early twenties. And they don't take lightly on newcomers in this place. This is their territory and you are trespassing. Do you understand where I'm going with this?"
I nod. "Yeah, I'm not stupid." I lower the pipe just a little. "So why should I trust you anyhow? How do I know you just aren't bluffing so you can attack me?
"I don't have an interest in hurting people if I don't have to," Joey replies. "I don't want you to get hurt. Now just relax, put down that pipe and let's just talk. If your with me, they won't hurt you if they find you."
I stare up at him. His eyes are warm and inviting. I sigh and drop the pipe. "I'll go along with this but it better not be a trick..... I have a pocket knife you know."
He rolls his eyes. "I bet you do. Don't worry. There are no tricks. Let's just sit, talk and get to know each other a little bit."
I sit down next to him against the side of a building. I still an supicious however but I ease up some.
"So what's your name kid?" Joey asks me.
"I'm Rocky," I reply.
"Tell me your story," Joey says.
I raise an eyebrow. "Story?"
"Yeah, your life's story. How'd ya get here? Where ya from?" He looks at me, clearly seeing I do not understand. Joey sighs. "Alright. I'll start then."
I look at him, waiting for him to speak.
"I was born in California. My parents were pretty rick. We had fancy cars, a nice beach house near on the water and all the surf and sun you could ever want. I had a big TV in my room, tons of electronics and everything a kid could ever want. My parents were salespeople and they made millions of their products. My life was paradise. Never a care in the world. I had great friends, awesome parents who would do anything for me, everything I could ever ask for and even my own private tutor." He smiled to himself. "But that's all in the past now. When I was 14 my parents lost everything. Their products just weren't selling anymore and their inventments were down. They had invested in so much stuff and they had to pay it off. We had to sell our house, ars and just about all we had. My parents no longer could afford me so they sent me to an orphanage for a better life they thought. Well I thought that was just not right. So I left that orpahanage withina week's time and set off to find my parents. Only I was not in California anymore so i had no idea where to look or go. I spent six months alone, wandering the streets and hoping to find them. Then I got to tis city and the gang found me. They took me in and taught me how to defend themself. I've been with them ever since."
"Wow...." I feel suddenly close to this boy.
"So," Joey looks at me, "your turn."
"Well, I was born a couple towns over. I lived with my parents up until I was 12. they were killed in a car crash. They were nice people and always kind to me. We weren't rich at all but we make it by alright. They would get any job they could around town to help us surive. After they died, I just left. I don't have any other family so I can to this city. I have been making it by alright. I'm 13 now and for lmost a year now I have been living on the streets." I look down at my feet. "So yeah... that's about it I guess."
Joey pats my knee. "It was nice talking to you kid. It's nice to talk with someone new."
Suddenly four figures appear at the end of the alleyway. They are laughing and one points to me. "Look's like we have some fresh meat," he says.
"It's the gang," Joey mutters.
I stand up quickly and grab the rusty pipe. No one is ever going to hurt me.
"Rocky, settle down. They won't hurt you if I'm with you," Joey tells me.
"I can't take any chances," I reply. I stand with the rusty pipe in my hand, ready to fight.
The four figures come closer to me. I can see their faces clearly now. I needed to react quickly and be prepared for anything that comes.
Joey gets up and goes over to them. He is whispering to them, telling them something. He points back at me once and the four men nod. I still stand there, ready for action.
The five of them step closer to me. I glup. "Please don't let them kill me...." I think to myself.

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