Justin Bieber? Dude. No. (girls only)(part 8) read intro please :)

hey y'all :) I am so glad that you like my story! It makes menglad that y'all are enjoying it just as much as I am! I'm so excited whenever I see people comment and say how much they love it! It makes me so excited to write more. My school ends in 9 weeks so in 9 weeks I'll be writing so much more I swear!! 15 comments!
~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

A pj party?? What are we in 6th grade!?

Justin started leaning towards me. I started leaning in until I realized just what I was doing. "my phones ringing!! Be right back!" I practically screamed as I bounded up the stairs. Why did I act like such an idiot in front of him? Grr! I grabbed my phone and dialed Lucy's number.
~ Phone Convo ~
L: hello??
P: Lucy HE TRIED TO KISS ME! I shout/whispered at her
L: what?! What about Ryan?
P: we broke up. He wanted to get advanced and I said no then we broke up and then I accidentaly told justin and he beat the snot out of Ryan
L: oh my goodness. That's intense. Did you kiss him??
P: no I ran away screaming--
L: you ran away screaming?? Paige we've been over this. A boy kissing you doesn't mean he is gonna come to your house in the middle of the night and try to kill you with a mask! You just pucker your lips like a first a lean in. It's not
that hard!!
P: shut up! I was saying, I ran away screaming that my phone was ringing (but it wasn't) and called you!
L: oh gotcha. My bad. Anyways, I've seen the way he looks at you. You two
would make a cute couple
P: YOU are NO help WHAT SO EVER!! I yelled
L: sorry! Sheesh! I got to go. Moms making dinner and needs my help. See you tomorrow.
P: fine leave me in my time of need. Next time you get sad I'm gonna say "this reminds me of the time I was frustrated and Lucy gave me the best advise ever!
Oh wait SHE GAVE ME NO ADVISE!! Whatever bye see you tomorrow. *I said
and hung up the phone.

I got down the stairs and saw Justin their on his phone talking to someone.
"ya tonight works. I'll pick you up in an hour. See you babe." he said. Babe?? What the heck? I walked into the kitchen loudly and poured myself a glass of raspberry lemonade. "sorry about that Lucy was having an issue. It's a girl thing.
You wouldnt understand" I said and took a sip of my drink. "it's fine. I had a phone call anyways. Listen I'm having a party tomorrow night. Why don't you and Missy and Lucy come? It's a pajama party." he said. "pajama party?? I
haven't been to a pajama party since the 6th grade! But sure whatever. I might
have something but I'll check and let you know." I said. Ooh I was gonna lay it
on thick. He just nodded. Oiy boys are so beyond the valley of oblivious!
Whatever. Soon he left and when he did I ran upstairs to find my cutesy
minnie/mickey mouse pj's for tomorrow. I was gonna look s3xy tomorrow even if it killed me.

~ party time ~
I sat in the living room watching tv. I was wearing a 'i rock NY' shirt with denim shorts and blue supras when the doorbell rang. I'd just gotten off the phone with Lucy about the party and my plan like 10 minutes ago. How could she be here so quick? I hopped up and opened the door. It wasn't Lucy, instead it was some
dude in black. "are you Paige?" he asked me. I was kinda scared. He was a if
dude. "yes?" I said. "here are the invites to justins party. Yours, missy's, and
Lucy's. He said. He handed me 3 medium sized shopping bag type things. I
said thanks and he left. I closed the door and no sooner did I do that, the
doorbell rang again. I opened it and without even a hello, Lucy burst into my
house. She went straight upstairs to get me ready for my make over. I opened
the bag that had 'paige' written on the outside. Inside was a pair of purple
sunglasses and a purple dog tag necklace. They were to get in. I checked
missy's and Lucy's. They were the same but Lucy's was hot pink and missy's
was electric blue. I ran upstairs to give Lucy and Missy there invites. After my
make over I looked amazing. I was wearing ( outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/paige_jbs_pj_party_normal/set?id=28383690 ) and I had on a good bit of eye liner but it lookers good. My hair was in a messy curled bun and it looked adorable. I put on my dog tag necklace and my sunglasses and we drove to Justins house. It was packed. Everyone was trying to get in. We got in no problem with out necklaces. We found Justin. "hey" I said and smiled at him. "hey guys! I want you to meet jasmine! She's my girlfriend" he said. And I fainted



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